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Everyone lives

Time for Doctor Who musings again:
*I wish the word spoilers wasn't yelled out every few minutes
*The Vashta Nerada infestation was explained (as was the title), but... they seemed to just go towards the end
*How many books mention the Doctor? Must be an awful lot to scare them that much
*Finally CAL's explained
*The kid watching everying was a little annoying though
*It's ironic Evangelista's so smart when she's saved, instead of being an idiot she's clever
*Yay, everyone was right about the saved thing. We're smart and the Doctor's slow.
*It's Jack's squareness gun!
*If they kill off Donna I won't be happy
*Trap door! hehe
*I'm not sure if River's good or not yet... though she does knock him out and cuff him. A lot like Jack. It'd have been better if it was Jack
*It's sad Donna misses the real version of her (not very attractive but perfect for her) guy
*and Doctor... tongue again! Honestly he's fixated
*Why does River know the Doctor's name? No one knows his name. And why's it so important as to why he'd said it? The Master mentioned that he used his name to seal the Medusa Cascade... does he have to do it again? Something similar... and how can you seal something with a name? Or... perhaps it's like a paradox, he tells her his name, knowing she needs to know it to prove she's trustworthy.

Next weeks looks interesting, cause I know nothing about it. Cept he will be alone, with no Donna.
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