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Pairing: Ben Jorgenson/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: CBT
Notes: This is probably the last thing I'll do for awhile.

I gazed at him, arching an eyebrow. He was slim, pretty and looked smaller then I, but it was the material wrapped around his left wrist that first caught my eye. Someone that looked like him shouldn't be what the teal coloured material indicated him as. Surely he'd made a mistake and tied it around the wrong wrist. While I was musing on the subject, he shifted out of his seat, moving across the bar towards me. He must have noticed me staring.

"I'm Ben." His voice was as soft and unassuming as his appearence. He looked me in the eyes as he sat on the bar stool beside me. "I saw you looking." He nodded at his wrist. "Now, tell me, is it out of curiosity or interest?" There was, of course, a difference between the two choices. Curiosity meant I'd no idea why he was wearing it and that I wondered what it meant. Interest, on the other hand, meant I knew exactly what it represented and I wanted it. The look in his eyes clearly indicated he had no time for the former.

"Interest, but..."

He leaned in close before I could finish, cutting me off in a low voice. "I've made men bigger then you scream." His hand moved up my leg, stroking my thick thigh lightly and finally cupping my crotch. "And they've loved every second of it." His fingers started to squeeze tight, making me squirm slightly. "So don't let my youth or appearence fool you." He pressed his palm hard against my clothed balls, which made me release a soft groan into the air. "Do you want it?"

"Yes..." I gasped, unconciously rocking my hips into his hand.

"Then let's not waste anymore time here." He winked at me, letting go of my cock as he hopped off his stool. He was half-way to the door by the time I regained my composure to follow.


His place wasn't far from the bar, well within walking distance. The journey was fairly quiet, with him only breaking the silence to ask my name. He'd raised an eyebrow when I said it was Padge, though he didn't enquire any more. His place was a house which was clearly only a bungalow originally. There were windows in the roof, a clear sign that there'd been a form of loft conversion at some point. I had a feeling he wasn't going to offer up a tour though. He fished out his keys, unlocking and opening the door. He stepped into the doorway, twisting his head back as he held the door open. "Follow me and don't touch anything." There was a soft threatening tone to his voice, and I guessed if I did touch anything I'd been back out here again. I took a deep breath and followed him inside. The walls of the hallway were dark and the space was sparsely decorated. He dropped his keys into a bowl on a counter, leading me further into the house. He stopped at the second doorway on the left side of the hallway. He flicked on a light switch, revealing that the space beyond was a staircase leading down into a basement.

The basement was very large and it looked almost the size of the house. I gazed around the space as we came down the stairs. There was a bed sticking out from one wall and what looked like an examination table with stirrups from another. There were several black cabinets and chests of drawers, no doubt filled with various pieces of torture and bondage equipment. In the corner there was what looked like a cage, though it was covered so I couldn't see inside. Along one wall there was a large noticeboard, which was covered in pictures. They were all arranged in pairs, one of a male's face, the other of his crotch. The face's were all different, apart from a pair which had to be twins. Some of the faces were young, while some looked older then me. A few I think I vaguely recognised from the bar. Most of them were twisted in pain, some with tears on their cheeks, others with cum staining them. I glanced at the crotch shots, licking my lips slightly. Some had piercing on their cocks or balls. Most had dark purple balls, some were stretched down from their owner's body a few inches, others had needles buried in the skin.

"Strip." He spoke up once we got to the bottom of the stairs and I nodded, starting to undress. First to go was my black sleeveless tee, exposing my hairless chest. Next went my three-quarter lengths, which I quickly undid and let drop to the floor before stepping out of them. He leaned against the wall as he watched me, staring intently. I flicked my tongue over my lower lip, ducking down to work on undoing my trainers. I pulled them off one by one, slipping my feet out of them. I pushed my socks off while I was down there, putting them in both the trainers, leaving me to stand before him in only my dark, heavily tented boxers and a pair of wristbands.

Ben's eyes were now filled with hunger, his gaze resting firmly on my crotch. "Show me." His voice was more like a low growl as he spoke and I couldn't help but reach down and slip my underwear off slowly. I notice the way Ben's looking at me now, like I'm a piece of meat. Well, more to the point, that my cock and balls were. After a few wordless seconds he nodded to the table. "Get on."

I gulped slightly and crossed the room to it, hopping onto the cold steel, laying back on it. I raised my legs into the stirrups, watching him as he came towards me. On the way over he wheeled over a tray with some equipment, stopping just beside the end of the table. He secured my ankles tight into the stirrups with leather straps, letting his fingertips ghost over my slightly hairy skin. Next he moved along the table, pulling another strap over my chest to hold me down. My erect cock twitched against my belly, leaving a sticky smear in it's wake. "Comfy?" There was more then a hint of sarcasm to his voice.

I nodded, my back slick with sweat against the cold surface of the table. I was glad that there was a strap over my chest, since I had a feeling I might slide off otherwise. His gaze was back on my crotch, studying my goods intently. He was clearly deciding what to do first with me, his tongue flicking over his lower lip in thought. He seemed to finally settle on something, as he moved back to the tray. He picked up something I couldn't see, then moved between my spread legs, humming softly to himself. I could see what he had in hand now, a hinged metal ring with two weights attached to it. He gripped my balls with his empty hand, pulling on them slightly, then he snapped the ring around the skin that connected my balls to my body. I felt the weights pull down on my sac, stretching them from my body. I gasped softly in pain when he released me, feeling the full tug on me at last. It was painful, though it was the sort off pain that made my cock ache.

He kept humming as he watched my balls dangle further down between my legs, then returned to the tray. I heard a pair of soft snaps as he pulled on a pair of latex gloves. "Do you know what this is?" He held up a metal rod in his white-gloved hand, one that was several inches long with a small cylinder at the end. I knew exactly what it was... and where it was going.

"A... sound." I squirmed as he spread a small amount of lube over the metal.

"Good boy." He returned to his position between my legs, using his left hand to hold my erection straight up. The other one raised the sound, pointing it down towards my piss slit. He gave me a look, one which told me that if I wanted him to stop, now was the time to say. When I didn't do anything he pushed the tip of the sound into me, slowly easing it inside my dick. It stung a little, but I was still hard. I watched as the rod disappeared within me, until almost half of it was inside. The cylindrical tip pressed against something that made me moan. I knew there was a way to get to the spot buried up my ass through my dick, the feeling making me squirm as he wiggled it within me. After a few moments he released it, leaving the thin metal shaft within me.

Still humming, he stroked my shaft slowly with the hand that held it an action that made the sound move slightly more. He released me after the single stroke, twisting his body around to the tray. "I prefer guys with large cocks. " He spoke almost offhandedly as he looked over his equipment. I knew I fell into that category, my dick twitching slightly. "Do you know why?" He paused for a moment, not long enough for me to form a response. Not that I could anyway. "There's two reasons. The first is the obvious, the bigger they are the more then is to torture." He held up another sound, bigger then the last in one hand, examining it absently. He set it down and picked the next size up. "The second is that guys with small cocks aren't any fun. They already feel humiliated cause they're small, so it's less fun. Although sometimes it is amusing when I get tall guys with tiny dicks." He chuckled to himself, returning to me, placing a small box and what looked like a pair of clips between my legs before easing out the sound out.

He returned to near silence, only humming as he removed the metal, replacing it with the one he'd picked which had to be two sizes bigger. I winced slightly in pain, though he didn't stop pushing until it was buried fully inside me. Since it was wider, it spread my delicate opening much more then the first, sending pain through my groin. Again, he released the metal, moving the pair of clips. They weren't clips really though, but a pair of nipple clamps. He opened them both, closing the sharp teeth around both of my nipples at the same time. he chuckled softly, then opened the box and pulled about ten needles. He took the first one in his left hand, aiming it for the side of my dick before slowly pushing the pointed tip into my flesh. I let out a low cry of pain, though I didn't tell him to stop. He worked it in a little, then stopped and did the same with another on the opposite side. I cried as more were pushed into my erection, watching through slightly teary eyes as half the needles now protruded from my member. Then he used the rest on my soft sac, causing me to make louder noises of pain this time as they sank into the softer flesh. Satisfied, he took the box and placed it back on the tray. I had a feeling there were far more needles within, though he just chose not to use them.

"I think now's perfect picture time." He mumbled softly, holding up a camera in his latex covered fingers. He focussed on my crotch, snapping several pictures from a few different angles, then he moved the lens up so it was on my face. As he did that he yanked the sound out with his right hand, making me howl and tip my head back in pain. I heard the faint click of him taking pictures, the clicks coming in rapid sucession. By the time I settled down from the pain, the camera was returned to wherever he'd got it from and he was removing the needles from me. "I think that's ennough for now."

I pouted at him, ready to protest for him not to end it but he raised his free hand to my mouth, covering it and slipping one of his fingers inside. I'd never tasted a glove before, but I sucked on it on instinct, keeping my eyes on him. "Good boy." He settled the sounds on the tray, followed by the needles, leaving just the stretcher and clamps on me. He started stroking me at a slow pace, returning my gaze with one of his own. "You have five minutes to cum. If you do, you can demonstrate your sucking skills on something that can actually reward you." I moaned and sucked the finger harder, bucking into his touch. "Also, you'll be able to come back here... I'd love to torture you more sometime." My dick twitched, the widened piss slit weeping more precum. Fuck I hoped he as serious. He pushed another finger into my mouth to join the first, speeding up his strokes. "Four minutes." I bucked into his touch, aware again of the tug on my balls. I made me ache more. "Three minutes." I kept my eyes on his pretty face, watching his tongue swipe over his lower lip. "Next time I might use one of the ball crushers on you... would you like that?" I cried out around his fingers, spilling hot and thick over my chest. "Good boy... in half the time too." His fingers popped from my mouth, coated in my saliva. He wiped both of them on my thighs before rolling them off and dropping them in the tray.

He returned to humming, freeing my balls then removing the clamps, which made me moan as blood returned to my hardened nipples. He settled them in the tray as well, then undid the straps that held me down to the table, finally allowing me movement. I slipped off the table, which was now covered with a sheen of my sweat and slide to my knees. I crawled the short distance to where Ben had settled on the end of the bed. His jeans were open, with his dick sticking out from the gap of his fly. He looked slightly longer then I, though not quite as thick.

Once I was before him I swallowed him down to the base, twisting my tongue along his veins. I bobbed my head up and down his shaft, inhaling his scent whenever my nose was buried within the soft curls of his pubic hair. He tangled a hand into my long hair, though he didn't try to take control of my actions. I squeezed my lips tight around him, moving up and down him at a steady pace. I raised my hands up, tugging his jeans down a little to expose his thighs, my fingers stroking the skin lightly. His balls slapped against my chin as I sped up, flicking my tongue over his leaking head as his cock throbbed. He was close, I could tell from the way his cock twitched and the way his hips bucked. He gripped my hair tighter, tugging on it roughly. "Fuck..." He grunted softly above, releasing his cum onto my tongue and down my throat. I swallowed the strong salty fluid, keeping him in my mouth until he'd rode out his orgasm.

"Mmm that was very good." He pushed my head back gently, his cock slipping from between my lips as he did so. He pulled his jeans back up, zipping up his fly as he stood up. "Come back next week." He nodded to the bed he'd just vacated. "You're free to stay awhile." I merely nodded in response, as I watched him pick up the camera and head upstairs. As he left, I wondered if he'd return.

I had a feeling he wouldn't.
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