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Ohhh squareness

I don't appreciate being woken up at 8am for no reason other then to be annoyed.

My cousin's here. I'm not sure why or for how long, but he is.

Next week I'm stuck with my stupid uncle doing shelves in here. So I'll be off all day sorting that. It'll probably take forever to sort out, since there'll be up to three shelves going where the main big posters are. Gah.

Danny is scarily horny. I'm staying here where it's safe.

For no apparent reason I'm listening to Dir En Grey again.

Things keep going slow with this fic, a clear sign I should stop after it. As if one was needed. I'm gonna keep at it today, hopefully so I can inish.

I'm glad/annoyed that I couldn't find the razor blades yesterday. I wanted them yet couldn't find the bastards at all. Bah. And then the moment for wanting to passed.

I think what changed it was seeing the baby horsie up close. It's so cute and small and tiny. It's one of the most adorable things ever.

Harry and Charlie have nice tummy's and trails.

I'll be going to Birmingham at the end of the month to a signing at Forbidden Planet. Tis Ianto, so I'm taking my Season 1 boxset on the off chance he'll be able to sign it (as well as the thing he's signing for). The day after, mum'll be gone for two weeks, so I'll be alone. Perhaps blissfully, perhaps not.

I dunno what else there is to say, so I'll leave it at that. Until after Doctor Who's been on (or fic's done).
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