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We're too contagious

If I see another thing for Father's Day I swear I'll break someone's spine. It's really annoying me.

I just finished watching Resident Evil Extinction. I think it's only the third or forth time I've seen it. I've wanted to rewatch it for awhile so I finally did now Mikey's gone.
I still say Alice did all her clones

Anyway, I've not done much today. I've slept, watched Frasier and started a fic. I've stopped working on it now, dunno when I'll go back to it properly.

My batteries have gone awol. I had three packs and they've all gone. Bah.

I'm gonna put food on in a bit, since I've not really eaten all day. Though it's more a result of there being not much food and not wanting to be around mum then any intention.

I'm gonna call the stupid Job Center people tomorrow. I don't really want to and I meant to today, but I didn't. Cause I fell asleep.

Oh well.
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