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And no matter how much white you put into it, you'll never get anything but gray

I'm being driven insane, not slowly, but quickly. I get waken up by mum moaning, she comes in and she's moaning. Always about the same thing. My money was meant to be in Monday and it's not gone in. Not my fault, yet she expects if she complains about it every time we're occupying the same space it'll suddenly appear. And she's always like this, whenever there's the slightest glimmer that we might start to get on she turns into a moaning thing the very next day.

That, coupled with no money, being left alone for what's turned out to be no reason and the net constantly wanting to disconnected, has driven me mad. Well, madder.

So I'm closing myself off from now and won't be on for x amount of days. Where x=... I have no idea.

I'll spend the time watching things and being in bed mostly, since it's too hot outside (or too miserable, depending on the day).

I'm sure I'd something else to say but there's nothing else in mind now.
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