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What Are You Waiting For

What Are You Waiting For
Pairing: Ianto Jones/10th Doctor
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ianto
Warnings: Some BDSM, crossdressing, slight role play
Notes: For an entry at the Torchwood kink meme, which specified the pairing, domination and humiliation

"You're late." I gazed at the naked man who was crawling through the open doorway towards me, his knees slightly scuffed. He came the first Wednesday of every month in a strange blue box that was in a room three doors down. The first time he'd shown up while Jack was gone and, since I was in the Hub alone I'd decided to investigate. There he was, with his blue box, standing there in a long coat slightly similar to Jack's except brown. He knew my name without me telling him and told me Jack was alive. Alive and would be back soon. After that he remained for awhile, not saying much but clearly knowing... something. Not finding out anything I took charge, pushing him against the wall... and from there we had sex.

Since then he'd come back multiple times, with things progressing over time.

"Sorry sir." He crawled over to me, a collar around his neck that he'd secured himself before coming here. We'd gotten into a routine now and I now took a great deal of care in planning what to do with him. I tried to be inventive each time, trying to do things that Jack might do. Or had done. We had a safe word, banana, though he'd never uttered it. "You look very hot tonight sir."

"Thank you pet." I wore leather pants, and an unbuttoned white shirt, nothing special really. I reached down to the floor beside where I sat, pulling out a black bag that sat there. "Put this on." I pushed it to him with one of my booted feet, then sat back to watch as he opened it. The expression on his face was priceless as he looked inside, his fingers running over the material within. I was glad I had some discreetly hidden cameras set up. Last time he'd been my puppy, but this time I'd chosen something else. "Don't just look at it! Put it on!" I could tell he was slightly reluctant, but after a few seconds he pulled the clothing out with a sigh. Within there was a blouse and mini-skirt, both too small for him, a pair of knee-high socks, a tie and a pair of black, lacy underwear. He stood up as he pulled the skirt up his legs, his cheeks bright red as he did so. The underwear followed the skirt onto him and I knew the soft material would constrict his sizeable cock. He kept his eyes on me as he bent down, pulling the first white sock to cover his feet rolling them up to his left knee, repeating the action with the sock on his right. Lastly, he raised the blouse up, his arms filling the sleeves. Since it was so much smaller then he was even when he buttoned it up the pale skin of his belly was on display. He looped the tie around his neck, tying it loosely. "Very nice. Yes, very nice indeed."

"I'm glad you like sir." He shifted from one foot to the other, nervously awaiting my orders.

"Come here little girl." I patted my knee, watching him sway his hips as he moved the short distance to me. He sat on my knee, gazing at me with eyes that looked as innocent as he could possibly manage. I planted a kiss on his lips, running a hand over his clothed chest. "You're a little slut aren't you?"

"Yes I am sir." He wiggled his ass lightly against my knee as if to prove he was.

I leaned in close, making sure to whisper softly against his ear. "How old are you little one?"

He seemed to think for a moment before finally responding to me, chewing his lower lip. "Fifteen."

"So young to be a slut." I kept my voice low as I uttered those words, gripping his tie and pulling him close. "Not that I mind of course." I growled low in my throat, watching him tremble as my other hand slid up his thigh. "Show me how much of a slut you are." He nodded, his fingers undoing my fly as I kissed him again, forcing my tongue between his lips. He pulled out my shaft, making an appreciative sound against my mouth, his fingers stroking the hard flesh slowly. I explored his mouth with my tongue for a little while, then pushed him away slightly. He took a series of deep breaths, his chest rising at falling as he looked at me. I raised an eyebrow when he didn't do what I expected of him, though his eyes were on my throbbing dick. "Well? It's not there for staring at!"

He slipped to his knees, quickly getting the point. He parted his lips, swallowing me down to the base on one go. I groaned softly, gripping his soft hair as he started to suck me. I'm assumed long ago that he was like Jack, somehow from the future. Of course, I'd worked out that the male before me wasn't a human. Apart from his strange bigger-on-the-inside box I'd also noted his heartbeat was strange, like he had more then one heart. Shame he didn't have more then one of any other, more visible, organs. I bucked my hips against his face, my balls slapping against his chin as his tongue worked over me. Despite my fingers in his hair, I let him set the pace, content to let him pay special attention to my veins and leaking head. "Do you want me to fuck you slut?" He nodded almost desperately in my hand, squeezing his lips around me as if to make sure I knew what he wanted. "Then you have to do one thing for me." He looked me in the eyes, pleading to know what that thing was. I leaned down slightly, whispering in my low voice. "Wet yourself." His eyes widened as his cheeks flushed even more. It was a similar look to how he'd been when he saw the clothes earlier, or the sounds last month and the speculum the month before that. I smirked to myself, then shook such thoughts from my mind, focussing on the here and now.

He concentrated on my cock in his mouth, his eyes lidding as he did so. "Pull your skirt down." He bought one hand down, pushing the dark grey clothing from his body. I could see his cock straining against the underwear, a small wet patch having formed from his obvious excitement. "You can do it, it doesn't have to be much." He nodded again, eyes still closed as he sucked on my cock. I kept my gaze on the thin material, watching a small amount of fluid escape the tip. It stained the lacy, spreading out to darken it further. "Good girl." I stroked his hair, smiling down at him. I griped his dark hair slightly tighter, pushing his head off my length, his eyes reopening as I did so.

He assumed the positon, moving on all fours in front of me. Sometimes I fucked him against the wall or over the room's table. Once I even dragged him into the main hub and shagged him over my desk. I reached for the pert, round cheeks of his ass, pulling the string of the thong from between his cheeks. His pucker twitched beneath it, open and waiting for me. He made sure he was ready before he came, just in case I was too horny to bother doing it myself. Some nights I'd make him finger himself before me, make a real show of it. Not tonight though. I stood up, moved between his legs and positioned my head at his opening. Before I had chance to enter, he was rubbing himself against me, my head popping inside him from the movement. "Slut." I gripped his cheeks tight, slamming balls-deep within him in my first thrust.

"Fucking whore." I pulled out of him, ramming back into his tight, twitching heat. My left hand moved around his chest, gripping his tie and twisting it around, yanking it back as I fucked him. "Get yourself off for me." He bought one hand to his cock, pulling his restrictive thong down to start jacking off. "Such a pretty slut you are." I increased my speed, knowing that the sucking meant I wouldn't exactly last that long. Plus he knew exactly how to twist his insides to make my cock spasm. It was hard to tell who was better at getting me off, him or Jack. I'd already made a mental note for next time, to get them both together and find out.

I dug my nails into his soft skin, my thrusts becoming a blur to me as I pummelled him. "Ianto... sir... I'm gonna..." I chuckled softly, turning my head slightly to watch him shoot. He said my name just like Jack did, although without his accent of course. He cried softly, spurting out over himself. Although an alien, his cum was still white and still salty. The only difference between him and a normal human is his orgasms lasted betwen three and five minutes. I watched as the blouse became covered in the fluid, the blasted making it stick more to his skin. His muscles twitched more around more, tightening around my throbbing shaft as I pounded him.

I groaned out his name, the only name he'd ever given me. "Doctor..." I bit my lower lip, shooting hard and deep within him, coating his insides in my thick fluid. I released my hold on the tie, keeping myself inside him as we rode out our orgasms. I only removed myself when we had both calmed down.

I fell back onto my chair, panting heavily as I watched him stand up. He trembled as he shed the clothing from his body, letting every article of clothing drop to the cold floor. he leaned in close to me, kissing my cheek. "Thank you Ianto, you were wonderful."

"So were you."

He smiled, already moving back. "I should..." I nodded, gesturing at the door for him to leave. Sometimes he'd stay longer, but not often. He headed out the door, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Well, at least, that's what he thought. As soon as I heard the familiar sort whirring noise that signalled his departure, I walked into the corner of the room, an area that was completely in shadow. There, covered in black rubber and gagged so he couldn't draw attention to himself, was my Captain. I bent down and whispered against his ear. "And that, my dear Jack, is what I do when I disappear down here."
Tags: 10/ianto jones, 10th doctor, doctor who, fic, ianto jones, slash, torchwood
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