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Who turned out the lights?

Mikey's gone. I feel eh as usual. Me and mum have been to the cemetary and bonding sorta (we both agree on Mikey's mum though). MSN still refuses to let me on, even though I wanted to be. Bastard.

Got Rock Sound today. The main reason I got it was for the Ian poster, which is pretty hot. Also it said there's Fightstar, which turned out to be Charlie and his brothers (which is scary cause I asked Mikey if he knew what Edd looked like). I say threesome, though Charlie's the hottest of the three. Will's pretty hot and Edd... well, he's kinda cute.

My archive's being odd, so I have to split it and do two new archive posts tonight.

I liked last night's episodes, though there were parts that were unintentionally funny. Like the end or the absolutely stupid girl the team had with them.

Whoever invented Data Ghosts? They're absolutely horrible. The future, at times, is extremely unsettling. Like the nodes too.

Donna was awesome again. I think she's my favourite main companion now (that's only counting Rose, Martha and her... add Jack and Astrid and it becomes murky). Like when she kicks the door down and always tries to be nice.

The library (much like New Earth) looks a bit like Coruscant. Which makes me wonder if every habitable planet is like that (or at least has a city like it).

The River chick is a lot like Jack, so people assume it might be Jack somehow. Clearly she's someone from the Doctor's future. Or at least, someone who claims to be. Who's to say she's even real?

The girl... I don't get the girl at all yet. No one seems to. I liked the wooden-clad camera though.

And what's Cal and why are the Vashta Nerada even infesting the library so much? And why's the enxt part called Forest of the Dead when there's clearly no forest? Ah, I hate two parters, yet love them at the same time.

Well, not so much rambling so much as a list. This is the to-do list I've had in the notebook, so I'm just basically typing it up. Pretty much it's for my reference really more then anything. Some are just ideas (or people cause I had cravings).

*Bert Mccracken/?
*Spencer Smith/?
*?/? (zombies)
*Luke Rattigan/Ross Jenkins/10th Doctor (possibly AU/kinky)
*Sean Smith/? (death, necro)
*Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/?
*Matt Tuck/? (necro)
*Worm/Patrick Stump (BDSM)
*Charlie Simpson/Will Simpson
*James Dewess/Rest of MCR (vampireism)
*Johnny Devine/Bullet (bondage)
*Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/Ian Watkins
*Hiro/Syler (AU)
*10th Doctor/Heavenly Host
*Kiriyama/Sylar (psychoness)
*Catain Jack/Toby
*10th Doctor/Master
*Padge/Oli Sykes (rape)
*10th Doctor/Ianto Jones (BDSM)
*Captain Jack/Captain John
*girl!Matthew Leone/girl!Nathan Leone
*Ben Jorgensen/
*Charlie Simpson/Harry Judd
*Bert Mccracken/Spencer Smith
*Various Welshmen (The Flock)

Also there's these to do:
*Last two parts of 5 Dreams
*Scream Aim Fire (Matt Tuck/Jay James)
*Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Omar Abidi/Worm
*Sean Smith/Gavin Butler (necro)
*Other Untitled's
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