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An Idea

An Idea
Pairing: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/Rhys Williams
POV: Ianto
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mentions of toys
Notes: This was based on a dream I had, but it's somehow become super long (4 pages). I know most people won't read... so please comment if you do.

Today had been another quiet day. The rift seemed to have calmed down a lot lately, so much so that the past week was the quietest since I'd worked at Torchwood. We were all glad for it though, since we were all still... reeling from the damage that Jack's brother had inflicted. Gwen had decided to take a few days off to see her family which left the Hub empty. Jack had decided that I should stay here while she was gone. Basically that meant we spent the time fucking in various ways as frequently as humanly possibly. Sure we spent some time cuddling, eating pizza and other things as well, but those were merely breaks. Right now we lay on the conference room table, naked sweaty and panting. Once more I considered myself extremely lucky I had him. "You were amazing as always."

Jack smirked and nodded, kissing my cheek since he was too breathless to do more. "My cum covered chest says you were too. Who said multiple orgasms were just for women?"

I chuckled softly, reaching over to stroke his sweaty belly. "I have my talents." I flashed a grin at him, then winked and licked his neck. There was a comfortable silence between us as we lay there.

"Hey Ianto... since Gwen's away, I have an idea." I gazed at him with interest, wondering what he had in mind now. He'd used those words multiple times since she'd been gone. They'd resulted in us fucking on this very table, using the chains in the cells, wandering around for a whole day naked and using any number of toys. "What do you think of Rhys?"

"Gwen's Rhys?" He nodded in response and I considered for a moment. Sweet, round Rhys. He had a certain quality to him and I was sure I'd mentioned a liking for him to Jack before. Perhaps when I was drunk. "He's alright, nice, attractive. Why do you ask?" I had a feeling why he was asking, my dick twitching slightly.

Jack licked his lips lightly, leaning in close to me, keeping his voice unnecessarily low, as if someone was going to walk in and hear. "I think he's hot and that I'd love to see you fuck him. Do you want to?" It wouldn't be the first time we'd had a threesome with another guy. We were comfortable enough together to have a third person involved every now and then.

I couldn't deny the appeal of his suggestion, my cock stiffening to full arousal. "I do agree with you Jack, though you shouldn't be left out. A spit roast maybe?" The image of Rhys squirming between us made my cock ache. I could see that it had the same effect with Jack. "How do we get hm here though?"

He thought for a moment, shifting down the table. "leave that to me." He opened his mouth wide, slipping his lips down my length, his tongue licking the remnants of our sex away. I smiled, purring softly as his left hand rubbed his seed into his skin. He looked so hot like that. He moved back from my shaft, planting feather kisses over my large sac before finally standing up. "I'll get him, you... get whatever you want to use on him." He winked at me then turned and left, swaying his ass as he did so. I could see my load trail down between his cheeks. I couldn't help but grin.

A few minutes later I was back with Jack in the main area of the Hub wearing only a pair of low-hanging jeans. I stood down beside a box which was as high as my knee, which had dimensions all the same. It was Jack's, full of the various toys and gear he'd picked up over the years. Within were things I'd never seen before being with him, as well as recognisable things like cuffs and dildos. Jack had bought the box up here from his room yesterday. Perhaps we'd use some of the toys within. I guess we'd see how the night went.

"He should be here soon, I'll go greet him." Jack smirked, still as naked as before. He headed past me, slapping my ass lightly as he went. I could see he had something in his free hand, something small, though I couldn''t quite make out what. I chuckled to myself softly, my eyes on his sweet ass again until he was out of sight. I hummed absently to myself, kneeling down to look through the items in the box. The ones nearest the top were the ones we'd used most recently. There was a 10 inch dildo, a large purple butt plug, a paddle, some shackles and a spiked collar. Ah, good times. I stood up again, making sure he was gone before heading over to my desk.

I pulled open the top drawer, gazing at the red cap which sat there. Martha had sent it to me soon after she'd gone, with a note that Jack wanted me to wear it. I'd kept it hidden, waiting for the right moment to put it on for him. Tomorrow perhaps. I smiled, pulling it out and placing it on my head, letting it rest there for a few moments. I glanced in a small mirror on my desk, admiring my reflection. I had to admit I looked good. I returned it to it's place, pushing the drawer shut as I heard Jack return. Quickly I moved to get a better view, seeing that Rhys was in tow behind him. The top of his shirt was undone and he looked very... flustered. His hair was ruffled and his lips were slightly shiny. That's my Jack.

Rhys' eyes shifted from Jack to me as soon as he noticed me, his cheeks flushing. "Ianto? So this is gonna be a..." Jack nodded and stilled, waiting for Rhys to move beside him before reaching to stroke his clothed thigh.

"Got a problem with that big boy?" Rhys shook his head and Jack moved his hands to undo the rest of his shirt buttons. I took a few more steps closer to watch, licking my lips lightly. Jack had Rhys shirt off in no time at all, his fingers caressing in the Welshman's skin when it was exposed. His hands moved lower as he kissed him hungrily, cupping his considerable-looking bulge. I heard the sound of his fly being pulled down and I scooted even closer to get a better view. I'd heard rumours that he was well endowed and I was of course curious to see if they were true. I now had a clear view of Jack as he pushed aside his underwear, pulling his length out of the opening of his fly. It certainly looked pretty big, very thick at least. Jack wrapped his fingers around it, slowly tugging on it. "My, my, you really are a big boy."

Jack slid down to his knees before Rhys, his tongue extending to lap at the shaft while he pulled Rhys' trousers and boxers down. I stood beside Jack, leaning close to plant my lips on Rhys'. I didn't kiss him as fiercely as Jack had right away, since I knew Jack's actions might make him bite unintentionally. I could also inhale a strange, unfamiliar scent though it was only faint. I had a feeling it was some sort of alien pheromone, which would explain why Rhys was giving himself so freely. I let my hands run over run over his pale-skinned, round belly, flicking my tongue over the gap between his lips. He parted them slightly, allowing my tongue to probe and explore his mouth. I felt him gasp, a sure sign that Jack had taken his cock down to the base. I swallowed the groans that Jack's tonguework produced, Rhys body seemingly melting against mine.

I slowly left his lips, then kissed a path to his right ear, breathing softly over it's shell. "Do you want me to fuck you?" He squirmed slightly, nodding breathlessly. It was obvious to me that he'd need plenty of prepping. I didn't see him as a guy who'd been fucked before, and if he had been it would have been long ago. I left his body, moving away to grab some lube, letting my jeans slide off as I did. While Jack didn't ever really need fingering before sex, I knew Rhys would else I'd never be able to even enter him. I popped open the lid of the tube, squeezing the clear lube onto my fingers as I returned to him. Jack had slipped off his dick when I moved away and now he was sucking on his balls instead. I smiled and moved behind Rhys, looking down at the large cheeks of his ass. "Hold him open." Jack reached both hands around his waist, each hand taking a cheek and pulling them apart. I gazed curiously at the tight-looking, possibly virginal opening. I bought my slick middle finger to the ring, circling it slowly around the rim. I could see it clench a little as I pushed my tip inside. He hissed softly at the intrusion, but I kept pushing my finger within him, wiggling it until it was knuckle deep.

He groaned softly and I rubbed the pad of my finger over his tight walls. His hole clamped around the base of my finger as I kept wiggling it. I watched Jack shift to kiss over Rhys' thighs. So hot. I slipped my finger out almost fully, pressing my second finger alongside it before working them both within him. He grunted, mumbling something under his breath, but he didn't tell me to stop. I kissed his shoulder blades to soothe him, while I gently spread him open with my invading fingers. "How do you feel?"

"Hurts a little." He spoke in his thick accent, a little strained as he turned to gaze at me. "But don't stop." I nodded, curling my fingers towards his spot. I cried out in pleasure, a sure sign I'd managed to catch it. "Oh fuck... what the hell's that?"

"That Rhys..." I twisted my fingers as I spoke, leaning in closer. "Is why men have anal sex." I grinned, kissing him lightly before removing my fingers, a whimper leaving his lips. "And now it's time for the real thing." I squirted some lube onto my cock, stroking it into my length, dropping the tube to the floor. Satisfied we were both ready, I aimed myself for his ring, looking over Rhys' shoulder at Jack who'd managed to separate himself from his body. I gave Jack a smile, then whispered into Rhys' ear. "On all fours." He nodded and fell to his hands and knees, tilting his head to look up at Jack who sat before him. As soon as he was before me I moved between his legs, pressing my dick between his cheeks. "Ready?" He nodded once more, pushing himself back against me.

"Eyes on me Rhys. It's gonna hurt more then his fingers, but it will pass. Just keep your eyes on me until it does alright?" Rhys kept his eyes on Jack's just as he asked, then Jack gave a nod to me to begin.

I eased myself into him, holding onto his sides as I did so. I heard him gasp below, but Jack silenced him with his talented mouth. "Fuck Rhys, you're so tight." I groaned as I pushed more of my shaft within him, until I was now almost fully inside his heat. I held onto his sides tighter as I thrust the last of my dick into him, my balls slapping against his skin as I was finally buried completely in his body. He squirmed under me, his hands balled into tight fists on the floor. I could see Jack shift to kiss his cheeks, most likely to lick away his tears. I smiled slightly and held myself in place inside him to allow him to adjust to the feeling.

It only took a few moments for him to break the silence, pain mixed with annoyance clear as he panted out the words. "I assume there's going to be movement at some point."

Jack chuckles in amusement at his words and the grin gracing his face tells me he likes this side of Rhys. I obliged him by slowly easing out until just my round, soft tip remained inside him, then I rammed my shaft back inside in a fluid motion. He grunted below me, squeezing himself around me which was likely unintentional. I smirked, waiting a few seconds before repeating the action, only slightly harder. He felt so incredible, entirely different to Jack. While Jack had obviously had sex countless times and knew exactly how to please me, Rhys was completely new to this so his ring held my cock in a vice-like grip, which was just...wonderful. Jack whispered something into Rhys' ear as I thrust into him again, causing him to just nod and moan in response to Jack's words.

Jack stood up in front of him and held his dick at the base, wiping the head over Rhys' lips. I watched with interest as he flicked his tongue out, catching some of the clear fluid I knew would be there to taste. He instantly went back for more. I thrust into him, changing my angle slightly to find his spot again. A low moan left his throat, leaving his lips open wide for Jack to take advantage of, which he did. His cock was inside Rhys' mouth in a heartbeat, a hand holding onto Rhys' head in place. I still my movements again to allow him to adjust to Jack's length invading his mouth and throat.

"Oh Rhys, that's it." I could tell Jack had a hard time going slow with him, but I knew he could restrain himself even if it was only barely. "Remember to watch your teeth ok?" Rhys moaned softly and I leaned forward, kissing Jack's pretty lips. I resumed fucking when my tongue entered his mouth, my hips slapping against Rhys' arse as I slammed back within him. I heard him cry out in pleasure around Jack's member as I fiercely kissed my lover. I slid my right hand along Rhys' sweaty skin, following the line of his waist to his crotch. I wrapped my fingers around his thick, leaking cock and started to wank him slowly. He instantly bucked into my touch, an action which aroused and amused me greatly.

Jack's hand that wasn't on Rhys' head moved to my chest, stroking circles on my sweaty skin. I could feel myself get close, my cock twitching inside Rhys' passage. I closed my eyes, increasing the speed of my hand's movements, working hard to hold back my own orgasm by focussing on him. Jack wasn't helping though, his fingers tweaking my hard nipples in turn. I pulled myself away from Jack's lips, licking his chin lightly to taste his sweat. "Cum Ianto." He spoke lustfully, making sure to give me one of his extremely sexy gazes. "I know you want to, I can see it in your face as clear as day. Cum hard up the straight guy's ass."

I cried out at his words, thrusting hard into Rhys one last time, spurting in pulses deep within him. I squeezed his cock tight as I filled him, locking my eyes with a smirking Jack. Bastard. He always knew how to get me to shoot, though I was trying to gain more self-control. I slowly eased my length out of Rhys, wiping my sticky cock over both of his ass cheeks then moved aside. I gripped Jack's head, roughly pushing him down until he was flush against Rhys' back. Instantly knowing what I wanted, he slipped his tongue over Rhys' hole, lapping all my fluid from it before darting it inside. I knelt beside Rhys still jacking his cock as I whispered in his ear, panting softly. "You were quite amazing Rhys, so hot and tight." He moaned around Jack, his eyes lidding. "How it's your turn. I want you to cum before my Captain does. Do you think you can do that for me?" He nodded as best he could and I rewarded him with a twist my fist. The pad of my thumb rubbed across his slit, smearing his pre-cum over the soft head. I kissed his neck, nipping at his skin between kisses. I wanted to mark him as my own, as I'd done to Jack multiple times.

The hair of my head tickled Jack's side as I bit into Rhys' flesh, increasing the speed of my hand. I heard Jack giggle softly against Rhys' ass from the movement of my head, which made me grin against the sweaty skin. Rhys gasped around Jack again, his cock jerking slightly into my hand, a sign he was close. I shifted from his neck just in time to get an up-close view of his orgasm, his seed landing not just on his large belly but also landing on my chin. I smiled as the last of his cum dribbled onto my fingers wrapped around him. I released him after a few seconds, bring my hand to my mouth, licking his salty fluid away.

"Oh fuck." I shifted my gaze up at Jack, who was now standing back upright once more. He clearly had been watching me, my cum and sweat coating his lower face. He flashed a grin at me, then tipped his head back, groaning out loud in pleasure. His hips thrust forward against Rhys' face, his cock unloading into his mouth. I watched with great interest, wondering if Rhys would attempt to swallow, spit it out or just let it dribble down his face. He apparently elected for the first option, his adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed. However, he couldn't quite contain it all, some of the pearly white liquid escaping between his lips.

As soon as Jack moved away I flicked my tongue over the dribbles, then darted my tongue inside his mouth to taste more. Rhys lightly pressed his tongue back against mine, clearly curious to taste himself. We lazily kissed like that for awhile, only pulling back when Jack cleared his throat. "Fancy a drink Rhys?" He nodded breathlessly and I knew that he'd have no memory of tonight. The thought made me slightly sad, even though I'd had a feeling this would happen.


Over half an hour later, Rhys was gone, back to his empty bed. I'd insisted we keep his underwear, knowing the loss of the clothing would be another mystery for him, along with the pain of his ass. I glanced at Jack, licking my lips slightly. "How much will he remember?" I had to know, hoping that Rhys would have a vague recollection of this night's events.

"He won't completely forget. He'll most likely right it off as a dream of fantasy his brain had conjured up." Jack headed back to me, his soft dick swaying from the movement. "Maybe he'll get off on it, who knows. Perhaps he may even ask us to act it out on him." I grinned at his words, placing a kiss on his lips. Perfect. I hoped he would return one day, perhaps wanting something more then what we'd given him. "Now, to bed." He scooped me up into his strong arms, easily carrying me in the direction of his room. I looped my arms around his neck, content to led me carry him to his bed, no, to our bed.
Tags: doctor who, fic, ianto jones, ianto jones/jack harkness/rhys williams, jack harkness, rhys williams, slash, torchwood
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