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We have no songs for great halls and evil times

Yesterday was strange. I expected to feel something, anything, but I didn't. I'd anticipated I'd be a depressed mess that wouldn't be able to do anything, but I wasn't. I didn't cry and I wasn't even sure if I felt sad. Even when we went to the cemetary.

Maybe I've bottled everything up and buried it deep down for when I'm alone.

Or maybe I'm just a robot.

I restarted Twilight Princesss, watched stuff and finished fic (which I'm typing up now).

The Torchwood cards came today and yesterday, and I have the Ianto and the Two Captains ones next to the comp. The rest are in the folder. I should really check how many I'm short of at some point. Though Mikey's just counted and said I have 94 of the 200 total. Not bad since I've only ever bought 3 packs. I hate they're twice as much as the Doctor ones.

My money still isn't in, so if it's not in Monday I'm gonna go personally and sort it out that way. If it is though, I'll still be going out anyway to get Doctor Who. If it's completely fucked up, then I'll have to fill in annoying forms again, though at least money'll be in in time to get the Torchwood boxset at the end of the month.

I guess I'm done now. Yeah, I'm boring.
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