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Show me your secrets

So yesterday we went to Walsall as planned.

It was a pretty miserable day weather-wise, with wind and rain. Thankfully there was a good part to the day, since I found a £20 that had somehow remained in my wallet since... well, I'm not sure. So I used that to get some Doctor Who rollers, a Star Wars figure and Brigade's album (which I found out later was horribly damaged, bah).

We went to see Indiana Jones and the cinema had several things of awesome. A standee for Ice Age 3, one for Wall-E and two posters (for The X-Files Movie and Clone Wars). Only three of the trailers were stand out (one of which, the Dark Knight, I'd seen before). The other two were Kung Fu Panda (which looked amusing) and Wall-E. How insanely, insanely cute is that robot? I want one.

Next was Indiana Jones. It was strange that the Janitor from Scrubs was in it briefly and being serious. It was such a cool film, I liked it. Well, I didn't go much on the scary ants, though it was better then spiders. The skull was pretty. I liked Irina.

Kerrang's not really worth mentioning much about, so I won't.

When we got back the tv still annoyed me. I dunno why it won't work. I tried everything. It gets BBC channels just fine, but everything else... nope. Bah. Technology sucks sometimes.

I started a Torchwood fic based on a dream I had Tuesday night. It's Jack/Ianto/Rhys. I seem to be pondering a lot of Doctor Who/Torchwood fics lately. I'll post the ones I've done with Jack ages ago on Torchwood comm's (with Sec and Luke).

Later I hope to do the bfmv100's I've missed. Hopefully.

Today was much nicer outside. We went out to sort letters and there were cute ickle baby moorhens on the way home. Not just that, but a baby horse in the field with the ickle cute horses. Yay!

Mikey's sweet and got me some Torchwood cards on e-bay. Yay for getting the Ianto's (Ianto job-hunt is very hot).

Speaking of Torchwood, I made a requesty in the Torchwood kink meme. So go look if you want.

Anyway, I guess that's me signing off for awhile.
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