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Beneath The Hood

Beneath The Hood
Pairing: Mateo Camargo/Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mateo
Warnings: BDSM, fisting
Notes: I've wanted to do some Mateo porn for awhile (cause, ya know, he's sorta pretty and gets overlooked cause the rest of Madina are hotter) and then this came to mind. Well, the fisting part did. Then the Jay in bondage did. Ah, sometimes I love my mind.

I gazed at the ass of the Welshman before me as he led me to the bedroom, the round cheeks wiggling unintentionally from the movement. His name was padge, one which had to be a nickname to conceal his real name from others and he was masculine despite his long dark hair, which hung just passed his shoulders. He was fairly muscular, with a large tattoo on his left arm and a small band around his right. The most noticeable feature of his face was his goatee, which extended just below his chin. While it was an unattractive feature on most, he somehow managed to pull it off. Kinda. Despite his looks, I wasn't actually here for him. Not that I'd say no to him of course.

He stopped in front of the door that was our destination, turning to look at me for a brief moment, as if to confirm I was still there. As soon as he set his eeys on me he turned back to the wood before him, turning the handle and opening it to let us inside. The room's walls were painted crimson and black, with a pair of pale blue and deep red lights iluminating the space. Standing near the middle of the room was the person I'd came here for.

He was stockier and shorter then either me of Padge, with a series of black faux-leather straps criss-crossing his body. A hood concealed his face from my view and a trio of small zippers were on the rubber where his eyes and mouth would be. Unlike my companion he had roughly the same amount of tattoos on both his arms which were bound at the wrists before him. Each of his fingernails were painted black. Below, his cock was thick and hard, with a ring secured around it's base and a series of silver bars along his shaft. He wore black, knee high boots which had silver buckles along their sides.

"What do you think?" Padge asked in his gruff, heavily accented and slightly difficult to understand voice. I kept my eyes on the male before me, admiring the bars through his hard nipples and the hoop through his navel. The hair on his head was fully hidden by the hood, while his crotch and pits had clear tufts of black hair.

I nodded my approval, licking my lips. "Oh yes, he's very nice." I gazed at the various deep purple bruises that marred his skin, some of which were covered up by his arms.

Padge smirked, pulling the door closed. "I knew you'd like him. There's toys in the drawer and outfits for him in the wardrobe."

"What's his name?" I asked out of interest, my blood already travelling south to my dick. He certainly looked the part of the 'best lay in Wales' which I'd been promised by Padge earlier.

"Jay." He replied simply in his thick aaccent, moving to a chair corner, running a hand through his hair. He wore a black sleeveless tee, with three quarter lengthpants, which I had a feeling would be open soon.

I returned my attention to Jay, slowly approaching him. I stopped about a quarter of a meter before him, moving to circle his body slowly. Since he stood unmoving, I wasn't even sure he was aware of our presence. The straps covered his back as they did his front, though they all kept clear of the lizard tattoo that started just below the base of his neck and ended midway down his back. Beneath it, about half a dozen of the straps ended, just above his ass. Buried between his round, slightly hairy cheeks was the base of a butt plug which had a short, black furry tail extending from it the middle of it. I completed my circuit, standing before him again, gazing at the zippers that covered his eyes. A million thoughts of what to do with him ran through my head, as well as images of what he may look like. I settled on first asking him a question. "Can you hear me?"

The rubber-clad head nodded slightly before me. The zippers jingled softly from the small movement. Good, it meant he could follow any instruction I gave him. "Get on your knees." Again he nodded, sliding down to his knees with surprising ease considering he was blind with bound hands. I suspected that it was more through beatings and practice then natural skill. I pulled open the lowest of the zips, revealing his pretty little mouth. He didn't open it right away, awaiting further instruction instead. "Undo my pants." He nodded and leaned forward, parting his lips a little and taking the zipper of my fly between them, deftly pulling it down. When he released it he moved up to my my pants button, popping I open with his mouth. Impressive, most impressive. My pants slide down my legs and, after a few seconds, he took the waistband of my boxers between his teeth, pulling them down to free my erect cock. It slapped the rubber of his hood as soon as it was released, but he didn't seem to react to it.

Once he'd done that he stopped once more, though his tongue flicked over his lower lip and I could see a flash of silver on his soft flesh. Excellent. "Lick my balls." He squirmed a little, then extended his tongue and snaked it over my wrinkled skin. I purred softly as he lapped delicately at my sac. His stud brushed over my skin, making me shiver slightly. He sped up the movements of his tongue, licking eagerly to please me. After a few moments, he enveloped my balls with his soft, small lips. He squeezed them gently, swirling his tongue around my softness. I placed a hand on his head, pushing him back. He released me from his talented mouth, breathing over my wet skin.

I quickly replaced my balls with my cock, forcing it into his mouth easily. His mouth quickly adapted to my length, his tongue twisting over me. The stud rubbed over my veins, his lips twitching around my hard flesh. He suckled me roughly, moving up and down my shaft at a steady pace. After a few moments I held his head and took over his movement, increasing his speed. I groaned loudly, bucking my hips against this face. I was vaguely aware that Padge was watching us, not that I cared, it just made me increase the speed of Jay's head. He felt incredible, even better then I had expected.

I let him keep sucking me for awhile longer, before pulling back from the tight suction of his lips. I didn't want to shoot just yet and not down his throat either. I moved around him to stand between his legs, gripping the base of the plug and slowly tugging it out slowly, the tail brushing against my wrist. I watched intently as it slid out of him, keeping my gaze on his pucker as it was revealed to me. The ring was spread open from having the wide toy inserted within him. He could probably take my dick easily in one go. Smirking, I set the plug on the bed behind me, then spat at his opening. I forced my three middle fingers of my left hand into him, hearing him gasp softly at the intrusion. He flexed his inner muscles around my digits as I pushed them in deep. As soon as they were knuckle deep I started wiggling them, spreading him open further. He made no further sounds now, even as I spread him wider. It didn't take long to get his trained ass as open as I desired. When I was satisfied, I put all my fingers together and began pushing my hand inside him. He made a soft squeak at the action, bucking his ass back. Such an eager slut. I pushed my hand wrist deep inside him, wiggling my fingers against his walls. He groaned again, finally unable to keep his sounds of pleasure to himself.

I glanced to Padge, who now had his thick cock out and was slowly jacking himself off. Precum had leaked over his fingers, making them shine slightly in the red and blue light. I nodded to Jay's head and he stood with a smirk, releasing his cock and coming over to us. He stood before Jay, forcing his cock into the opening of his mouth.I chuckled softly, watching as Jay's throat bulged a little as his shaft invaded it. I twisted my wrist within him, the boy below grunting around Padge's member. My fingertips brushed over his spot, making him moan even more in pleasure. I kept moving my hand fast and deep, shifting my gaze to it his ass. It was always strangely beautiful to see my entire hand inside someone.

I licked my lips, too aroused now not to make use of him. I removed my hand from him quickly, moving to line up my still-wet cock with his wide hole as I did so. I glanced at my hand, noting how my fingers were slightly stained. Filthy whore. I raised my hand to my lips, cleansing my fingers of him. I was glad Jay's lips were distracting enough to keep Padge unaware of my actions. I gripped onto the straps just above his ass with my free hand, then slammed my cock balls deep within him. I used my hold on the straps as leverage as I fucked him roughly, my pace already hard and fast within his head. I could feel his ring snap shut around me, his muscles working me. Padge must have done a pretty amazing job with with him for his hole to clench back that fast. I watched Padge as he thrust his crotch against Jay's hooded face, his head tipped back in pleasure. he looked like he was close, mumbling words I couldn't understand. If they were words at all and not just incoherent orgasmic ramblings. Whatever they were, the sounds he was making only made me thrust harder.

Padge grunted loudly and slammed himself down Jay's throat one last time before orgasming. He looked so hot as he did so, his hair sticking to the sides of his face as he arched his whole body. Perhaps I'd make use of him later too, once I was finished with Jay. Yes, perhaps.

I kept my rough pace inside Jay watching Padge as he pulled out, his shaft sticky in saliva and a few drops of his own cum. He quickly reached down and closed the zipper over Jay's mouth, silencing him. Instead of returning to his seat, he knealt beside Jay, watching me as I kept fucking his body. Jay was squeezing my thickness in regular pulses now, his attention solely focussed on me. Padge wasn't lying about him. My eyes lidded, sweat dripping down my heaving chest. I growled loudly into the air, spurting hard within him in thick blasts, filling his Welsh slut ass with my cum.

I slipped out of him when I was sure I was finished, quickly replacing my member with the plug. I almost felt sorry for the boy not getting off, but I suspected that he wouldn't have came even if the ring wasn't present. I sat on the edge of the bed, watching as Jay just remained as I left him, awaiting instructions that wouldn't be soon in coming. Instead I turned to Padge, beckoning him over with my finger. "Come here." I kept my voice soft so that Jay wouldn't hear and respond to it. Padge panted softly from exertion as he approached me, making a move to stand before me. I shook my head and bought both my hands up, gripping his goatee in one hand and his long hair with the left, forcing him down to his knees before me. He blinked in surprise, but didn't struggle, most likely due to the drain of his orgasm. I pushed his head against my cock and he got the message, flicking out his tongue to clean it. It wasn't as good as Jay's, but it wasn't bad either. He seemed to only want to lick my cock, almost as if he'd refuse to put my cock in his mouth. Maybe I'd work on that later, but licking suited me fine for now.

While he did I looked back at Jay, still in position. I couldn't help but wonder what he looked like beneath that hood, though I guessed not knowing was part of the fun. After all if you have no face you can imagine it's whoever you want. I was sure of one thing though, his dark hair. I smirked to myself, my mind conjuring up images of what he'd look like. I almost considered standing up and finding out for myself, but I decided against it.

Knowing took all the fun away.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/mateo camargo/padge, madina lake, mateo camargo, padge, slash
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