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So apparently I'm not allowed to have an opinion of anything if it's negative. So, no more negative stuff from me. If I get anger about something I'll do things the old way.

Yesterday we watched Doctor Who and Death Note. I like it. Ryuk always amuses me, Light's a psycho and L's smart/cute. Even though we've not seen him properly. Watching disc 2 of that at some point. I hate I've gotta wait till July for the next one. Of Doctor Who we watched random season 3 ones, cause Mikey's fixated.

I've been on Final Fantasy a lot, cause I like it. Although I do want nother points card for the species huts.

I finished fic, so I'll type it up soon. Later at some point. I also changed a few icons. More Doctor Whoness.

We went to see nan today with Danny. It was a mistake though, since he kept yapping and agitating her. We didn't stay long because of it.

The TV aerial's going weird. Annoyingly so. I can't seem to find out how though.
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