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Dream of leaving in the morning

We've done more today then I thought we would. We went to Walsall instead of staying in. My money's still not in so Mikey was nice and got things. Got a Wii points card, Sycorax Warrior, 12 inch Sec, Kerrang, a manga magazine (causa Death Note, which we still need to watch) and a small book on bisexuality. Isaac Newton was bi apparently. See, you do learn something new every day. We had a vegi thingy (I can never remember the name, I'm so glad Mikey's there to order) which was nice, though it was minus cheese for some reason.

Ok, will MSI please go away. They're in Kerrang, Mikey's Big Cheese and on the cover of Rock Sound (if anyone gets that please tell me if there's anything good in it/what the Ian poster's like). I hate them. If it wasn't for her marrying Gerard then they wouldn't be everywhere. How many people had never heard of them before then? I bet it's mostly everyone. See, this is why I think it's staged. They're got this massive, undeserved fame boost. Just causa who she's married to, nothing to do with the music. They've not earned anything. Plus every pic of them live is her on her back.That's not how you play for a whole fucking show. Or ever. (Although Frankie can pull it off for a short time.) Bah.

Another thing that can fuck off is Skinned Deep, which Woolworths has in droves. Don't buy it. It's not worth a quid. It is the shittest film I've ever, ever seen. Ever. Ever, ever, ever.

Kerrang's not that special really. Paul's the only one in Good Charlotte with any looks left. There's a tiny Watcesty pic, though it's not special enough to get a pic of.

Mikey's Big Cheese amuses me cause nathan woke up one day with his eyebrow piering and cell phone gone and had no idea what happened. ha! rent boy stole it much?

With the Wii Points card I got the Wii Ware Final Fantasy game. It's pretty awesome. I've spent hours on it. Sure it's not fighting, but there's the cute ickle moogles, that weird squawking penguin and... well I like it. And the King's hot in holiday clothes. Blatently showing off skin. I should do another holiday when I go on next.

I hear loudness outside. That's never good. Piss off rawdy people.

I'm doing some icons now, then ridding some of those I have. Dunno which. Probably of blonde Gerard.

After that I'll go back to the fic in the notepad (which has Jay in, I'll say no more) while we watch the 30 Days Of Night mini-series thing. I dunno if it'll be any good. We shall see.
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