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Yeah that makes sense I suppose

I'm now back home. Mum made a complete mess of my room, it's taken hours to sort back out. Bah.

On the way to Bromley (I just remembered today, damn survey people made me forget) apparently a guy checked me out. A school boy. Mikey's sure.

Things that have happened:
*No money's gone in, which makes me frustrated and annoyed as hell
*Got Doctor Who Adventures solely for the Ross poster
*Plotting fic
*Writing (Bullet and Madina porn)
*Having a peanut butter smoothie thing
*Being bored
*Playing Mikey's new Doctor Who Top Trumps games
*Hating mum
*Being amused at half the Doctor Who cast being in Casanova
*And being amused by David Tennant in drag
*Awwing at new horses
*Redownloading Armor For Sleep
*Saving Doctor Who screencaps of Sec, the Doctor, Luke and Ross
*Sorting Star Wars figs
*Pining for Wiiware (specifically the Final Fantasy game)

Tomorrow I'll be iconning those caps and the pics I saved at Mikey's.

I'm sure there's more but I've forgot. I'm dim yasee.
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