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Isn't it always the way?

Doctor Who ramble ahoy. I liked it.

*Professor Peach with a lead pipe *sniggers*
*Gayness, yay! It's so sad he dies though and the other can't mourn. Bah
*The flashbacks amused me greatly
*Ah a giant, odd wasp.
*When was the doctor hunting alone?
*The murder mystery thing amused me (but then I aways did like them as a kid)
*Donna's brilliant again (and amusing)
*And letting stuff slip from the future, same with the Doctor
*Kissing the Doctor was certainly enough of a shock
*The box on the TARDIS amused me. The Carrionite orb shown up again

I'm sure I had more to say but I'm not sure.

Next next week's looks strange. But wasn't there meant to be a longer trailer causa the gap week?
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