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Boy With The Bandana

Boy With The Bandana
Pairing: Gareth Lawerence/Ben Jorgensen
POV: Gareth
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None really.
Notes: Since Gareth is Welsh there's some British terms in this (wanking means jacking off, shagging means fucking)

"Who the hell is he?" I whispered softly to James, nodding in the direction of the pretty, black haired boy that had caught my eye. There was something exotic about him that made him all the more beautiful.

He looked thoughtful for a moment, clearly trying to recall the name that went with the face. Before each gig James would make a list of bands there, find pictures of them and put the names with them. It wasn't really useful for tours with just one support band, but for events like this... well, it was. The first time he'd done it, Sean had asked him to, but now he just did it anyway for fun. "Ben Jorgensen from Armor For Sleep. He's from New Jersey."

"Oh, thanks." I nodded and offered him a little smile, returning my gaze fully to Ben. Now I had a name for the beauty. I could see James give me a questioning look, though he didn't say anything. Perhaps he thought I was just curious or that it was better not to ask me anything. I watched Ben intently as he played ping pong with one of the guys from You Me At Six. I wasn't sure how long I was watching them play, but it must have been awhile. A long while. I only stopped when a hand waved before my eyes. Sean's.

"Dude, you're staring." I blushed a little at his words. "Didn't your parents tell you it was rude to?" I stuck my tongue out at him, choosing not to respond to the blonde. After a few seconds of silence he spoke up, apparently annoyed by my lack of response. "Which one you want?"

I felt my cheeks redden, wondering if I was really that obvious. "Shut up Sean."

"What?" He merely smiled and and turned to the guys at the table, scanning both of them. After a few seconds, he spoke again. "I bet it's the American right?" I narrowed my eyes at him, deciding not to answer him again. He leaned in a little closer, lowering his voice, clear not deterred by my refuse to reply. "Go ask for a shag then Snoz." I sighed softly, hating his sexual openness. After all he got all the attention because of his looks and because he'd kissed Ian. I was much shyer then he and much less secure in myself. "Or, you know, go off for a wank."

"I'm not gonna... fuck off Sean."

He grinned at my blushing cheeks, then leaned even closer to me, lowering his voice to a soft whisper. "He looks like he's a pussy bottom boy Snoz. You wanna push your thick cock up him? Maybe you'll be lucky and he'll want to fuck your big, round ass." II squirmed slightly at his words, my blood going south hardening my cock. I knew he'd be smirking, the bastard. "Maybe I should go find out..."

I hit him on the arm non to gently and moved away from him. "Fuck off Sean."

"Maybe later." He winked at me, rubbing where I'd hit him with one hand. I snorted and turned away, leaving him to go and get some alone time. There was no point staying there, Ben had gone.


I sat in the dressing room after our signing, combing my fingers through my long, slightly sweaty hair. I hadn't been able to find much peace after leaving Sean, so I'd just settled to having a pizza and waiting for us to go onstage. Thankfully now I was alone. Matthew and Gavin were keeping Sean occupied, though I'd chosen not to ask how, while James and Rhys were hanging out somewhere. Right now I was considering taking Sean's adice. Not to go off and shag Ben of course, just the wanking part. I reached down, squeezing my bulge lightly. My fingers played with my zipper, ready to pull it down, but before I could do so, I heard the door. My head automatically snapped up, my cheeks flushing as I watched the dark haired figure slip inside.


He flicked his eyes around the room, then looked right at me. "You're Snoz right?" I bit my lip nervously and nodded, quickly moving my hand from my crotch. He kept his gaze on me, his tongue darting out over his lips. He then took a few steps towards more after twisting the door's lock, smiling as he approached me. "I heard you thought I was hot."

"Erm..." I blushed even more at him, nervous at being confronted by such a gorgeous guy.

He came even closer to me, reaching for my hardness and ghosting his fingertips over it. "I want to see you naked. Take your clothes off." His voice was soft, the tone only slightly demanding. I nodded, pulling my t-shirt up and off my body. Once it was cast aside, I blushed at the size of my body. Sure, I knew there were bigger then me, but I couldn't see someone like him being attracted to someone with my weight. I half expected him to turn around and leave, but instead he looked me over and licked his lips again. Apparently he liked what he saw. Nervously I undid my fly, pushing my jeans down my thick thighs, followed by my underwear His eyes scanned the lower half of my body, ending at my crotch. "Very nice." He murmured softly, my hard dick twitching from the praise. His fingers returned to me, lightly stroking my cock. My shaft ached from the mere touch, my head shining with excitement. My cheeks were still blushing despite his gentle touch, though this was mostly due to wishing he was naked too. I felt far he was far too overdressed by comparison. As if sensing that he pulled away, reaching down to undo himself.

Now it was my turn to observe as he pulled out his member. To my surprise it was unlike my own. His length was slimmer then mine and about an inch longer, though the biggest difference was the absence of foreskin leaving his head fully exposed. His curly black pubic hair spread out around his dick, covering his full balls which hung between his thighs. Once his jeans were on the floor he returned to his former position before me. Not bothering to undress further, he leaned forward and covered my lips with his own. Our dicks rubbed against each other as we kissed for the first time, his tongue pushing against my lips, begging for entry. I gladly parted them, his softness squirming against my own. His hands ran over my body, caressing my sweaty skin. They ran over my chest, lingering on my belly before snaking around my waist, reaching for my fleshy cheeks. His slim fingers delved along my crack, probing, searching for my tight opening.

His lips left mine, the tip of his finger circuling my entrance. "I want to fuck you." He ground his hips against mine again, looking me in the eyes. "Can I?" I let out a soft moan and nodded, wanting him inside more more then anything right now. He smirked at me, pushing his finger inside me as he did. He wiggled it around slightly, making me groan softly as he spread me open. Unlike Sean, I wasn't used to things going up my ass, even though I frequently wanted it. It frustrated the shit out of me, since most guys would assume I topped due to my size. I was glad Ben thought differently. He pulled his middle finger out almost all the way, then he worked his second digit within my tightness alongside it, making me hiss slightly in pain. His lips joined mine again, silencing any more sounds his fingering may cause. His tongue probed my mouth again, while his fingers wiggled and twisted inside me, reading me for what was to come. For the briefest moment I wondered who told him I'd been staring. it had to be one of the guys since no American would know my nickname. Such thoughts left my head though, as the tips of his fingers brushed against my spot.

After he swallowed the moans that the relatively small action had caused, Ben pulled his lips away. He rested his forehead on mine, taking deep breaths as he removed his fingers. "I think... you're ready now." I whimpered softly as his digits popped out of me, craving them back within me. He took a step back, his arms releasing me as I did so. He bought his left hand to his face, his fingers slick with the sweat from my insides, then sniffed the briefly before sucking them. I groaned at the sight, his right hand undoing the bandana around his neck. Once he'd pulled the material away, he slipped his fingers out of his lips, using the wet fingers to remove his white, sweat stained tee from his body. I found it strange he didn't just cast the bandana aside, but didn't say anything. I just watched as he stood naked before me, my cock twitching eagerly.

"Bend over Gareth." He spoke in his soft, demanding voice again, using my name for the first time. I squirmed slightly again and nodded. I considered merely bracing myself against the wall, or leaning over the sofa I'd occupied earlier, but instead I fell to my hands and knees before him. He seemed pleased by this, running a hand through my hair lightly. I couldn't help but eye his crotch up again. I'd not seen a cock like his before. Tentatively, I leaned forward and took the exposed head between my lips. He purred softly above me as I lightly swiped my tongue over his leaking tip, paying special attention to his slit. He tasted very strong and salty, producing far much more precum then I did. Maybe that was normal for guys like him. He pushed me away after a few moments, though it was obvious he was reluctant to do so. Maybe I'd get a chance to suck him off later or tomorrow.

Once his cock was free from my lips, he slowly moved around my body until he was standing between my legs. Once in position, he bought the bandana up around my head, stuffing the blue and white material into my mouth before knotting the ends behind my head. I didn't feel scared that he'd gagged me, in fact I felt turned on by it. Extremely turned on by it. Maybe I was kinkier then I thought. His hands moved to my fleshy cheeks, prising them apart. I heard and felt him spit at my pucker, the slick fluid landing on or near it's rim. He spoke once again as his head ran between my cheeks, the tip pressing against my wet hole. "Ready?" I nodded and bit into the makeshift gag in preparation for his first thrust.

He worked just the tip into me at first, as if testing my resistance. A few seconds later he slammed himself balls deep within me in one fluid thrust, his sac slapping against my cheeks and I heard him moan softly above me. Although the intrusion hurt more then a little, the feeling of being filled by him was amazing, more then enough to override the pain. His fingers stroked my ass as his cock slowly slide out of me before thrusting back within me, the sound of his groans of pleasure and balls slapping against me filling the room. He kept his movements at a steady pace, sounds of pleasure leaving his lips every soft often, though he wasn't loud. "You feel so fucking wonderful Gareth. So tight yet so... fuck." I squeezed my ass around him tight, feeling his right hand inch up my back, stroking along my spine. He gripped my long hair the second his fingers reached it, yanking it back roughly. I moaned behind the banadana, knowing if I wasn't gagged the noise I'd make would overpower his. My cock twitched from the feeling as he tugged again, just as roughly. "You like that don't you huh?" I nodded as best I could, his hips thrusting hard against my ass, his cock being buried repeatedly inside me. His dick hit my spot each time He kept tugging on my dark locks, alternating between that and being fully within my asshole. I closed my eyes, making my muscles squeezed tight around him.

He slapped my ass lightly with his free hand, making me yelp softly in surprise. I moved my right hand from the floor to my crotch, wrapping my fingers around my length. I wanked myself in time to his movements, or at least tried to. "Cum for me big boy, shoot over your belly." He groaned above me, ramming harder into me. My eyes lidded again at his words, my hips bucking into my hand. I was so close, his cock slamming harder against my spot then before. I moaned behind my gag, spurting thickly over my stomach.

"Holy shit." I heard him cry out in pleasure behind and above me. I could feel my ass clenching even tighter around his member as I panted, riding out my orgasm. "Gareth I'm..." I felt him cum deep inside me, spilling over my inner walls. He stayed buried within me for a few minutes, only removing himself when he started to soften. I could feel his seed drip down my crack as he removed himself. He released my hair and panted softly, reaching under me and scooping my cum from my skin. I turned my head around to watch as he licked the white fluid from my fingers delicately. "You taste amazing." He smiled and undid the bandana from around my neck, moving it down my body as I panted heavily.He used it to wipe the remnants of my orgasm from my belly, then moved it between my legs and smearing it with his own cum. I saw him bring the material to his dick, cleansing it of cum as well. "Thank you, I hope I was good for you." He smiled and flopped on the couch, folding the bandana up, ensuring that the cum coated side stuck together before wrapping it around his left wrist.

"Holy fuck yes." I returned his smile, managing to pull myself up beside him, curling up against his side. "Thank you." I grinned at him, planting lazy kisses along his neck. I hoped he'd spend the night on the bus with me and that we could do this again soon. I had a feeling he would, though he'd exhausted me to much to ask. He kissed the sweaty skin of my forehead gently, loosely wrapping an arm around me.
Tags: armor for sleep, ben jorgenson, ben jorgenson/gareth lawerence, fic, gareth lawerence, slash, the blackout
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