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A being of shadow and flame

I'm worried. I'm a worrier at heart I guess.

Kerrang was mostly eh Wednesday.

Yesterday we went up town after Mikey's trip to the therapist. We saw Jordan and Mikey got cards. I got a Sycorax. We had smoothy things on the way back, they were nice.

I finished fic when we got back home and I've started typing it.

There's a Tv channel here called Dave and in the trail thing for it there's a guy in a Black Parade jacket. No lie!

Today we went to Bromley. We got attacked by survey people that made us do one on a comp. My one was so long it felt neverending. Wah! It was so boring. It even shown me the same ad twice. Mine was about the BBC, Mikey's was about beans. All we got for it was pens. And offer of drink. We don't drink tea or coffee though. Ewww coffee.

Once we gained our freedom we were able to go around town. For some reason it was more... eh then usual. We had Mcdonalds. I had what Mikey normally has, which is nicer then I expected, though it dismantles itself. I also got Death Note volume 1 from Virgin (it's not Zaavi goddamnit!). It came with an awesome statue thing of Light. I haven't watched it before and I know... well, all I know is what it says on the back, but it sounds awesome and has a hot guy on the front. There's also gonna be a live movie out in July with hot guys in (one from Battle Royale). We're gonna watch it soon I think.

As soon as we got back there was a message off mum, so I had to call her. Sigh.

I've gotta find Brigade's album.

David Tennant was on Derren Brown. It was so cool. He looks good wet.
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