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The city was a blueprint for hell

Yesterday we went to Hastings, which is at the coast. I've not been near the sea in so long, it was strange. The sound of the sea was nice and it was so blue. Though the beach is all stone and not sand. We had some candy floss from a chick with bright pink hair that was kinda hot. We had chips and pineapple fritters, which were nice but strange.

We went along the pebbles and collected crab parts. I swear we have enough to make a crab, though it'd be a funny looking one since some parts are smaller then others.

Then we went in the shops for a bit cause I felt kinda eh. It's the first time not at the seaside without my family. I used to go every summer but... haven't for years. I won't depress myself, there'll be time for that around the 30th.

We got Doctor Who stationary sets, which are kinda cool cept the pencil case could be bigger.

At home we had Zero out and he was so adorable. he tried to climb up Mikey's guitar and ended up playing it sorta. He's so cute.

I've got 7 notepad pages off fic done, I hope to finish it soon.

My Doctor Who/Torchwood cards came today. Yay! I still need some Torchwood ones cause I'm minus a Ianto.

I adore the newish Armor For Sleep album.

Tomorrow we're going up the town and later we'll go get Kerrang from Tesco.

I'm sure I had more to ramble randomly about, but I can't recall.

oh! Anyone got pics of a circumcised cock? I'm curious.
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