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Have you ever tried going mad without power? It's boring, no one ever listens to you

Ah, so today was tiring. I dunno how I managed to do GIAN two years back without eating or drinking first day (I musta been mad. Really mad).

Before I went I had a spike of bravery. No fallout yet.

Anyway, the day outside was hot, but once inside we were ok. We had pizza. Yay! And wrap things.

I got a The Blackout tee. It's yellow and Japanese like.

I went to the Armor For Sleep signing. Holy holy shit, Ben Jorgensen (the lead singer) is absolutely gorgeous. Here let me show you him. I never knew what he looked like until now. I'm so glad I went, I wasn't going to. And and and, I got a pic with him! I'll upload it tomorrow. I look odd so... just ignore me and focus on him. He's in the Cobra Starship video apparently. Anyone got link? And yes, my mind is slashing him already

I missed most of You Me At Six, but I wasn't that bothered. They were pretty good though.

After them we saw The Blackout. They're always awesome. this is the fifth time I've seen them (two unintentionally, and another was more to see The Used but still...) but they're always amazing. Sean's as bouncy as ever (and I swear he'll hit someone with his mic or get strangled by it soon). He shook his hips which was hot, so was the thrusting. He also hi-fived Gareth and put his foot on James' back. Angry Sean's hot. Mikey says Gavin's packing, I didn't notice. Matthew seemed scared by the girls that came on (which were scary and pointless). I've probably forgot something but... it'll come back.

Then was Armor For Sleep, who were pretty awesome. I didn't know they had an album out last year. I suck. They're also from NJ like MCR. Wah. NJ's America's Wales. They played The Truth About Heaven and Car Underwater. Yay!

We tried to see The Blackout at the signing, but there was too many there. Underestimated popularity much? And the security was shit, we were herded like cattle and not told anything. And there was no real queue. Bah.

Then there was a large gap. Not much happened here, though we got the wrap things (mine was wrong, so we had to take it back) and I saw mandlebars so yay!.

Billy Talent came on, but the sound was sorta quiet. I might download some of their stuff out of interest.

30 Seconds was last. They're Mikey's main reason for going but not mine (I guess I should be glad I got to go causa them but... eh). Most of their shows (and I've been to what... 4 or more in the last year) kinda feel the same. The only real change eems to be the venue and set pieces. The Echelon scare me. Jared had bad hair and bad dress sense. Shannon was topless and in a kilt. Yes I'm surprised I managed to get Mikey home too. Tomo looked... odd. Tim looked hot. I like Tim. They had glow in the dark facepaint that looked like 'radioactive cum'. They also kicked out massive balls.

After them we got home, after mad trains of shitness. Ah well, I'm tired.

In other things:
*I'm a vegetarian after reading one of the Peta leaflets (and fur is horrible and disgusting). Did you know that the meat industry adds more to global warming then every vehicle combined? And it's just horribly cruel to the animals, onces which are pretty smart.
*We saw a fox again on the way back
*I won some Doctor Who and Torchwood cards
*Who does Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies?

My final thought: It is love, not hate that will destroy the universe.
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