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Flash clones

Not too much has been happening really so...

I've tried to write (the Matthew/Ian one) though I dunno if I'll keep doing it for long. It just seems a bit... off. Even though I'm not even done with a paragraph yet. I did wanna do a Bob/Bert one but... I got nothing. Well I got something, but it felt like it'd been done before.


I hate that there's no info on the GIAN signing tent yet. Bah. And the tube's down or something.

We saw a fox up close last night. Twas so cool and close and awww.

I watched the Berth live thing this morning. Well, half-watched cause I wasn't fully awake. Bert's awesome.

Naked is good

Next, onto Doctor rambling.

*I adore the Hath, there's something so... cute about them
*Ah, the joy of having cloning machines.
*Donna once again proves how awesome she is, noticing the numbers and working it out.
*Jenny... well, I didn't go much on her at first but she's alright I guess. I see her coming back at some point. At least he's not alone now (even though he still thinks he is)
*I was sadder that the Hath with Martha died then Jenny
*If the war was 7 days, how come the General looks so old? I bet he did know what was happening and just lied to get his way.
*Next week's is the bee ep. Yay! Well, I guess yay.

1. Have MCR affected your views on the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transexual community?
They haven't, though that's cause I was bi before they came along. If they've changed other people's views I think that's a very good thing though.

2. What is your opinion of Mindless Self Indulgence's sudden popularity after the marriage of Gerard and Lyn-Z?
I hate it. I swear the only reason she married him is for publicity. Before I'd never even seen an ad about them. Now? They're everywhere and I've seen ads mention MCR before now. It makes me hate her and them more.

3. What is your favorite piece of MCR merchandise?
Mmm I'm not sure. Maybe my tee's? Oh! My bag! It's awesome. I remember when I got it in Camden. Awesome.

4. What do you think of Gerard Way's showmanship and stage antics?
Ah the gayness. I love the gay whoreness

5. MCR have finally stopped touring and are finally taking a break, expecting to come back with a new album. Do you have any feelings about the end of the Black Parade era and do you have any expectations for the new album?
Finally! I thought they'd never stop. I'm not sure. I'm curious about it. Very curious.
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