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Running with your eyes closed

Ah, it's so strange being here again. I woke up early yesterday and I just waddled into the media room and watched Berth (after staring at Mikey's dvds for ages). I'm so glad I bought it and a few others (I wish I'd bought more). I watched the videos and the Q and A. Ah Jepha in a bath. Jepha's awesome (why wasn't there much Bert in the Q and A?) I love that most of the time it looked like Quinn and Jepha had just fucked. Especially with Quinn's mussed up hair. And Jepha wanting everything solar powered amuses me.

We went up town yesterday. The main reason was to get Mikey's new Doctor dvds from the Post (the first series is an early big one which is all kinds of awesome). I wish I'd took my bankbook then I coulda got Toby possessed, the Sycorax leader (with cool stuff) or Judoon Trooper. Well, I coulda paid for most of one.

We also went into Smiths. Dear gods. Jordan (a very hot, words cannot describe how hot he is guy works there) is guh guh guh. I wanna go back. I underestimated how hot he'd be. Mikey's right.

Mikey got me Kerrang too. It's mostly ehish. There's the pretty Paramore guys (I hate I've got one song of their's in my head... bah I hate Hayley), the poster of Matt is perfect (cause Shadows can be rid of so easily) and there's a thing about J-rock. That's it really. Fightstar's gig is annoyingly sold out.

There's new Doctor Who Frubes. Pretty awesome.

Milton Keynes was on the news last night and I'm sure it shown places we went with Claire. Scary.

I got scratched by Chips. It was owwy, though it's ok now. Even if it looks angry.

I haven't heard from mum yet. Not sure if that's good or not. Have to call her some point.

Cybermen playing football is funny.

I've not wrote yet. I've not looked at my notepad yet. I blame Mikey giving me his Pokemon Emerald to do. I've ended up playing it for over 15 hours. Scary.

I've got random ideas sorta. I need to do Padge porn and Bert porn. Probably more Worm too. I feel the need to do Quinn/Jepha as well. Stupid Q and A and my weak willed, easily inspired mind.

So I now have the ones from last post noted to do in notepad, plus:
*Padge porn
*Bert porn (possibly a follow up to the last Bert fic I did)
*Worm porn
*Something with Mateo (and Madina in general)
*Maybe the next zombie fic/gore fic in general
*Something with Spencer maybe?

Yeah, I'm rambling a little. Anyone have any interesting or random ideas?
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