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You burned like the sun

Yesterday was ugh causa the trip, though we did go back to Collectormania again and got some stuff. Mikey got me an alternate cover Umbrella Academy 1 and some cards.

It seems like we were there for longer then we were. Strange. Eddie was adorable. I wanna squish him. I hate that the Doctor Who boxset got left behind.

Last night when we got back we didn't do too much. We sorted our stuff and I set my figures up on the TARDIS.

Soon I'll be off to Mikey's. I'm not packed or ready and I hate that the trips are so close together with no break. I get the feeling we'll burn up in the car.

I'm sending myself some fics I've got started, to maybe do when I'm there. (Including Worm/Omar and Sean/Gavin.)

I'm also noting down others in my notepad:
*Sean fic based on that thing in Kerrang
*Leone twins/Ian
*Matt Tuck based on the most recent pic here
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