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Ahhh! It touched me!

Ahh the past two days have been most productive.

First, yesterday.

We made it here alright. On the way we saw ducklings, which are oh so cute. I'd left the cam behind, so I had to run back for it, literally. So I was out of breath for the journey. Mum was a bitch though.

Birmingham was fun, though I spent way too much. I got Doctor Who cards, Torchwood cards, Doctor Who figures (Faceless Grandma and The Wire, Hoix and the Utopia set), Sarah Jane Adventures figures (Kudlak and Sarah Jane), a Utapau Shadow Trooper and a pack of Star Wars minis.

The coach station stupidly moved. Bah.

I like it here, it's nice. We had a nice night, though we were tired. I got loadsa free dvds cause Claire wants rid of them. YAY! There's Doctor Who 2, Frasier boxsets and others.

Doctor Who ramblings (though we'll probably watch it Friday too):
*No! Ross died!
*No! Rattigan died!
*'Are you my mummy?'
*Wah, Rose!
*Yay! Valiant and it's superlaser
*I knew the Doctor knew Martha was a clone
*Donna's awesome again, so's her grandad
*What the hell's up with the TARDIS going crazy? Again.
*Crazy Doctor's daughter

Today was good, but not as productive as hoped. We didn't get to met John, but we all met Spike and shaked his hand. He said he'd love to be in Torchwood again. I got Rhys autograph on my boxset. It's smudged a little though. I got the Voyage Of The Damned set! HUZZAH! Yay Hosts and Astrid. I also got the Reaper, some more cards and a Covert Ops clone. There were Daleks running around too. So cool.

Food's here, so that's good. I'm gonna go eat.
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