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We would never do anything without the approval of the senate

Today's been a lazy day. Read as not done much cept go on Lego. I did all of Episode VI today.

So tomorrow we're going first to Birmingham, then to pester Claire. Yay! Sunday will be Collectormania, Monday I'll be back and Tuesday I'll be gone again (I hate that). I dunno when I'll be back home. It's either gonna be the Tuesday after GIAN or the one after that. It feels this is all happening too close together. I hate that.

Mum doesn't know bout either, which doesn't bother me that much.

I'll be taking my notepads for the trips, which may mean I write something but I doubt it. I hope to do ickle posts tomorrow and Sunday, though I might not.

Now the mcr_fridayfive before I go.

1: The boys dressed up as footballers onstage for a recent gig. Is there any particular set of outfits or theme you'd like the boys to wear in future?

In drag. Or in Star Wars outfits. Or naked. Naked's good.

2: The new cd/dvd is up for preorder Monday. Will you be preordering it? If so will it be regular or special edition?

I dunno. I want to cause I fear we won't get the special edition (cause I heard it's online only for now).

3: With the special edition there's going to masks designed by each band memeber randomly inserted. Who's are you most interested in seeing?

Bob or Ray's definately. Mostly cause they're overlooked, I'm interested in what they'd do.

4: Worm: hot or not?

Oh, most definately. Though if you ask me why, I can't define it (much like human Dalek Sec or Omar). I think he's extremely sexy. Recent constant sex dreams seem to big the biggest hint of that.

5: Which member do you think would make the most interesting loooking girl?

Everyone keeps saying Ray. Strange. Again it's either him or Bob. Ray has the thighs for it and Bob... he'd look interesting. And I still would, with both.
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