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There's something of the wolf about you

Last night was bad cause I got a bad tummy and Mikey got a really bad migraine. So owies to us both. Bah. Thankfully we're oki now, which is good.

I'm still trying to work out who to pair Sean with for that fic based on Kerrang. Suggestions?

I've been on Lego Star Wars instead of Twilight Princess, cause I saw how close I am to doing it. I might start Twilight post-GIAN when Mikey's back.

Today, we've both done something really insane.

There's a new Doctor Who sticker album out (which must have literally come out today, cause there was no sign of them yesterday and they weren't in one place's machine), so I saw it when I got Mikey some pills for his head and we've spent today getting some. Now some is a major understatement. We've had over 30 packets today. Each. Each sticker album has about 228ish cards and we've got pretty much all of them. I've only got 34 left to get. Mikey has 45.

Lemme restate: this was all in one day.

Yep, we're insane. We practically emptied the box at the Co-Op (making 3 trips there getting 10 each every time). We're completely mad, the pair of us. The bed was covered in wrappers by the end of it.

I'm gonna send for the rest of mine in a few days. There's a comp in it to win a lifesize Dalek and I think Mikey'll win. Just a little bit.

Ah, good times.

We've had chips. Random, but true.

I was listening to The Used's Choke Me and Bert sings/screams fuck my ass twice. How did I miss that? Guh. The little hobo whore.

Anyway, I'm off now to pester Mikey with pesteringness. Then we're watching Heroes, The Inbetweeners (only the first ep), Heroes again and Family Guy. Then... probably Doctor Who again. We've obsessed yasee (well, Mikey is with teninch Tennant...)

Things to look for this weekend:
*Death Note
*Voyage Of The Damned gift set
*Torchwood cards
*Emperor's Shadow Guard
*Very heavy Force Unleashed minis box
*More Doctor Who figures

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