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You Are Not Alone

Mikey arrived yesterday. Yay! We watched random Doctor Who eps (New Earth, Gridlock, Tooth And Claw), then Secret Smile (mmm evil Doctor), the Family Guy and a Little Britain.

We had lotsa cuddles. I like having Mikey here, it's nice.

Mum ended upbeing ok when she finally came from wherever she went so that's good. She's got no idea bout Collectormania or Give It A Name yet though. One good thing about Give It A Name is The Blackout doing a signing at it. Yay!

Kerrang's a bit eh again. one good poster of Pete though and there's a big pic of Patrick. Ian believes in aliens, can only cook a boiled egg and steals boxes of sushi. David from Simple Plan has a clean ass so it's (in his words) 'ready to be licked'. The best thing is Sean. He says the last thing he wants to do before he dies is to have 'a dark sexual encounter' and that he'd probably 'die with a plastic bagover my head'. Ah the slash writes itself (and now I have to do something with that).

Next week has a misguided posted of Matt with Shadows. Bah. Does anyone actually like him?

We went to feed the ducks but they were allbeing snotty asses. Stupid things of stupid.

We're not gonna be doing much till the weekend when we'll be pestering Claire to death. Mwhahah!

I'm gonna be going on Twilight Princess soon. I still wish there was a Wii download of Majora's Mask. Bah.

I might write something with Sean later, but I need to work out the other guy first.

Anyway, off I goes.
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