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Back Room

Back Room
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Padge
POV: Bert
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Toys and mentions of other toys
Notes: This is set in the same verse as The Strap-On cause my mind kept tryingto come up with ideas on how to use Bert in it and this came up.

I hummed softly to myself, my eyes skimming over the pages before me. It had been a slow day today. Only two people had come in today. One was a a small, thin guy with glasses and every action he'd made was nervous. While he was here he blushed every time he looked at me, though he eventually left with a selection of sex toys, his cheeks flushing as he placed them on the counter in front of me. I had tried to put him at ease, but he was too shy so I left him to it. The second person was a chick with big, curly hair that just wanted a strap-on though she ended up leaving with porn too. The strap-on was for her boyfriend apparently, though I didn't buy she was 100% straight.

That had been two hours ago now.

I was used to days like this, since they came fairly often. Weekdays were often slow, while the weekends were more busy by far. I liked the slow days though, it meant I could look through the porn without being too disturbed. Sometimes I'd even jack off while keeping my gaze on the pages. I had a personal stack that I kept under the counter which kept me suitably entertained. The one I liked most involved this large guy called Worm and two pretty twins. Ah I loved twins, but I was also kinda jealous of these ones. I sighed softly and shook my head, my ears barely registering the music that the radio as playing. I'd flickered it on shortly after the chick went, though I wasn't really listening to the various kinds of rock music it was playing.

My eyes flicked up as the door opened. Great, a customer to take my attention away from daydreaming. Unlike the boy earlier he was very definately male. He wore a sleeveless tee and short pants like mine. Emblazoned on his tee were the words 'Fuck off I'm drinking' which amused me slightly. On each wrist were black sweatbands. His arms were clearly more muscular then the previous guy and he looked bigger overall. Both his arms were tattooed, with his left having a celtic-like tattooed circling his skin just above the elbow, while the upper part of his right was covered in a design I couldn't quite decipher. His dark hair was slightly shorter then mine, though not by much. He also had a goatee that almost concealled a stud.

I watched him closely, wondering if he was straight, gay or bi. It became clear to me as he walked to the porn dvds. As soon as he saw one of the covers with a topless busty lady he made a face. Not straight then. He flicked through the dvds, clearly looking for something in particular. If he didn't find it in a few minutes I knew I'd have to step in and help. I practically counted down the seconds. After little over a minute, he looked frustrated, so I decided to speak up. "Are you looking for something in particular sir?"

"Yeah." He nodded and turned to face me, his accent thick and clearly not American by any means. It was a little hard to understand, but I thought I'd be able to get it. "I'm looking for a present for a friends birthday. Got any gay scat porn?" I'd worked in this buisness for long enough to tell when such things were just flimsy excuses or covers but his inflection and body language told me that what he said was true.

I hopped off the stool I sat on and came over to him, making sure I moved closer to him then I needed to. I reached for the top shelf, moving a dvd and pulling one out that I thought would satisfy his friend. On the cover was a few pretty boys covered in their own filth. I'd watched it before out of interest and it was pretty hot. He took one look at the cover and nodded. "Yeah, that'll do." He took it from me, our hands brushing briefly as he did so. I bit my lip and returned to my stool, expecting him to just come and pay. Instead he moved from the dvds to look around. "What's this?"

"That's a butt plug. It goes up a bottom's ass to keep it sealed. They come in a range of sizes and colours and some have tails." I kept my eyes on him as I gave him the basic explanation, hoping it satisfied his curiousity.

He raised an eyebrow at that. "Tails huh?" He seemed to picture that image for a moment before moving from the plugs. He cast his eyes around, surveying everything with interest. I had a feeling he'd never been in a sex shop before, since he seemed unfamiliar with the items on display. "What's this?" He held up a purple tube that had a set of molded lips at one end.

"That's called a fleshlight. It's designed to simulate either an ass, cunt or lips and throat, like that one."

"Fucking weird." He set it back down, then looked over the other stuff. He started humming one of the songs that came on the radio, clearly familiar with it. It was something about tears falling or something like that, though not in a girly kind of way. After a few minutes of looking he picked up a few items that were pretty standard bondage gear and set them on the counter with the dvd. There were two sets of cuffs, a paddle, a cock gag and a cock ring. Only when the song finished did he speak up again. "You got a back room?"

He gazed at me and a gulped, nodding slightly. "Yeah, we do."

"Good." He leaned forward and looked me right in the eyes, making me squirm slightly. "I want to fuck you." I gulped and nodded, his breath hot on my face. "Lead on." I almost fell off my stool as I rushed to move, letting him follow me tghrough a doorway. Here, I turned left, leading us into a room that just had a couch, small bed and a TV. This was where people would be allowed to come to sample any dvd they were interested in. Sometimes people could also test out the toys too. "Got a name?" He slapped my ass once we were inside, making me gasp in surprise. he chuckled softly and I could hear him start to unzip himself

"Bert." I replied softly, then turned to face him. He'd got his cock out, the large length hard and throbbing. When I finally tore my eyes away I could see he had the gag in one hand, but I thought nothing of it. "What's yours?"

"Padge." He nodded, pushing his pants down to his ankles then he pulled his top off, dropping it onto his pants. Such a strange name, it seemed more like a nickname then an actual one. Feeling overdressed, I too started to strip, taking off my clothes quickly as he got on the bed. I could feel his eyes taking in my naked form as he laid down, stroking himself absently with one hand. His other hand still held the gag. "Before I fuck you I want you to get on this." I nodded, squirting lube on my fingers and pushing them inside myself. I almost told him that maybe a dildo woudld be better for that, but soon it became clear why he said that. He bought the gag up to his head, resting it against his lips but with the cock pointing outward. He secured the straps around his head, keeping his gaze on me as I fingered myself open.

Once I thought I was ready, I moved myself over his face and slowly eased myself down on the rubber cock. This certainly was an inventive and unusual thing on his part, though I wasn't sure why I'd never thought of this before. He reached up with one hand, stroking my ass while I impaled myself on it fully. I moaned out loud, keeping my gaze on his cock as I slowly moved up and down. My hands ran over his chest and belly, stroking his skin lightly. I moved myself slightly so it would hit my spot with each movement of my hips. After awhile he started moving as well, thrusting his head up to bury the shaft deeper within me. His movements made me groan louder then my own had and he seemed to realise that pretty quickly, thrusting up harder each time. I wondered what it was like for him. It obviously turned him on a great deal as his hips bucked up every so often.

After a few minutes of doing that he stopped, pushing my ass away with one hand until I was off the shaft. I turned to gaze at him, watching him unbuckle the straps, his free hand holding his dick by the base. I moved down his body until my ass was hovering over dick. I locked eyes with him as he licked the rubber dick that had been stuffed up my ass. I couldn't help but groan at the sight, plunging myself straight down on his cock. We both moaned, his hands gripping my hips as he thrust deep inside me. "Shit Bert..." He dropped the gag to the bed, reaching up and gripping my long, messy locks and pulling me down. Our lips met and we shared a sloppy kiss, our tongues squirming against each other in his mouth as we moved in unison. His thick cock slammed against my spot without even trying.

His left hand kept tugging on my hair, while his right jacked me roughly. My moans passed into his mouth as we kept kissing, our tongues still squirming against each other as I stroked his chest, pinching his nipples lightly. He thrust roughly into me, his hips crashing against my ass. Eventually our lips parted from each other, our groans of pleasure filling the room. I bucked up into his hand, my head tipping back as my eyes lidded. "Oh fuck Padge." I came hard, squirting in pulses over both our chests. My ass squeezed tighter around him as I shot my load.

He smirked up at me, releasing my cock and running his fingers through my cum, bringing them up to his lips and sucking them clean. He groaned around one of his fingers, his hips bucking up harder then before as he unloaded into me. His thick cum coated my inner walls, making me moan softly. As soon as he withdrew his fingers, we kissed again and I tasted myself on his tongue as we lazily kissed.

I fell onto the bed beside him, fingering the cum out of my hole as I wanted softly. I sucked my fingers, purring softly at the taste of him. His cum tasted so fucking strong, it was unreal. I curled up against his body, watching as his sweat soaked body panted. "I should go." He mumbled softly after awhile, shifting on the bed. I whimpered softly as he did so, even though I knew he was right. He kissed my forehead lightly. "You were a great fuck Bert, I'll have to hook up again the next time we're in town."

I nodded dumbly as he slipped out of bed, pulling his clothes on. Remembering I still had a job to do, I did the same, despite not wanting to. I'd have prefered if we'd stayed together longer, but the prospect of him returning made me lick my lips. I kissed him one last time, then led him back into the the store. "How much?" He nodded at the items on the counter.

I blushed, sweat sticking my hair to my skin. I let my fingers run over the register, quickly imputting the price of everything. "$50.69." He nodded, pulling a wallet out his pocket and handing me three 20 dollar bills. I handed him the change and gazed into his eyes.

"Take this, to rememeber me." He dropped his left wristband on the vacant counter, all his items now stuffed into the bag. Once I handed it to him I raised the band to my nose and inhaled his scent. It smelled of him so much. He raised my dirty boxers up with a smirk, inhaling as I had done. "These are mine." He smirked and stuffed them into his pocket, leaning over and kissing me lightly. "Thank you Bert."

I smiled at him as he headed to the door. "Thank you Padge." He turned back to me at the door, giving me a dirty smirk as he left.


Two days later I saw Padge again, though not in the shop or even out on the streets. I was in Borders, a place I often went to on the way to work, just to look at the magazines. That was were I saw Padge. On a cover. Of course I had to buy it. Turns out he was a guitarist in Bullet For My Valentine, the band that did the tears song. No wonder he hummed it when he heard it.

Holy fuck, I had sex with a rock star.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/padge, bullet for my valentine, fic, padge, slash, the used
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