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It won't be long now

The MCR figures annoy me. They're a head taller then the Star Wars ones and a head shorter then the Doctor ones, so they can't fit anywhere. Damnit.

Good things:
*I may have moneys for Saturday/Sunday. Cause it's a bank holiday Monday my money should go in Friday (should being the operative word and if it is in I can only take out half, which should be enough perhaps... cept for signing)
*Mum's going out tonight, leaving me alone

Bad things:
*The memory cards have gone walkabout and I've n oidea where they are (they're not in the logical places like the cam or comp)
*Nothing's on TV tonight
*No Pepsi/Sprite/anything fizzy
*MSN having gone weird last night onwards
*I'm not very organised
*No Claire to pester online (and since I'll be gone practically as soon as I'm back here after next weekend it'll be even longer)
*My mind's drawing a blank for everything
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