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A child of dust

2 days.

The other bed isn't ready and mum decided to wake me up this morning by yelling. Joy.

My cousins are here downstairs messing around. I don't like them. If they throw out anything any good I'll hit them.

Apparently I have a porn mag. I vaguely rememebr my bastard ex giving it me but I thought I'd gotten rid of it. I haven't had a look at it properly yet. Mostly the guy's look unattractive.

I'm making a list of things to look for next week at Collectormania. It's fairly short, probably cause I know I won't have money of my own to use. I hate that my money goes in the day after. Bah.

Least for GIAN I know I'll be ok for money (though I'll only take £20 cause I'd only want The Blackout's stuff and I doubt there'll be too much).

The TARDIS is moving up here. It was quite nice set up on the table downstairs (and it freed up room here cause I put all the figs on it) but apparently it's in the way and I chucked everything putting it there. I didn't, I piled everything up so there was space for it. But whatever, there's no room here for it but I guess I'll have to make some. This is a big part of why my room's so disorganised, I keep having to migrate stuff in (despite it mostly being fine where it was). Meh.

I've done writing for now. I'm not in the mood for it.

I hate whenever I play Empire At War, it decides to make the mouse cursor disappear. Even reloading doesn't make it come back, it's annoying as hell.

End annoying, rambly post.
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