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This is your final destination

Yay! Doctor Who (more rambling's about it ahead).

*Rattigan's hot. It's weird hearing him do an American accent though. Him and Doctor had sex
*Sat nav's are evil
*He's letting Donna drive? He hardly ever let's anyone do that
*Yay Martha! I knew she married that doctor. It's a bit scary how militant she's become but she is doing the right thing
*Donna's smart, that's why I love her. And she's funny too 'give him a hug and you get a papercut'
*Donna wanting a salute amused me.
*The Sontaran's are so tiny... yet so powerful. (Isn't it dishonerable to fight against an enemy that has no chance?) I have a feeling they have a reason to take over Earth, yet we'll find out next week I guess
*Ha! Overdramatic Doctor.
*Ross is brilliant (it was Ross right, the soldier with the Doc?)
*Yay for young pretty genius'
*So the Sontaran's know about the Time War. And they're pissed about not being involved.
*Martha clone! That explains why she was wet and pissed in the earlier series trailer
*She always gets tied down right? She did in Torchwood (yay Torchwood in the Confidential)
*Yay for Donna's grandad. I like him, I hope he doesn't die. (Her mum on the other hand...)
*Yay for one of Donna's ex's turning gay
*Whenever there's a two-parter, they always have to make she it ends on a 'I want next week now!' and this one was no different.
*It's clear those ATMOS things are changing the atmosphere for some reason, but why?
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