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The gap between dimensions

I'm back from being shoved to Cannock. Everything went a bit wrong since the bag I had broke and there were no Torchwood cards anywhere. And the Pepsi's not on offer so I've got Sprite instead. Could be worse. Least I got the TARDIS playset (which is fucking massive and I've not even took it out the box) and a Piplup fig thing.

I'm gonna set up the TARDIS soon.

I'll be seeing nan in half an hour. I'm too tired to really. Stupid mum.

I still don't know what's happening about next week. It bugs me. Right now, I'd rather go there then GIAN the week after. Not that it makes any difference of course.

Thoughts about Heroes: Hiro is all cute and squishy. Where's Sylar? Nikki's not been in it so why's shy in the Unmasked? The new guy's hot. Malcolm Reed! I thought I was seeing things but it's him. Although he hasn't done much of anything apart from stand around.

SOon Mikey be here.

Now to do the answers to the last post. These are the numbers of the wrong ones.

1: My earliest memory of Star Wars is from Jedi, though not of Leia in the bikini. It's of Endor, the speeder chase.

3: Although I love Resident Evil 4, I've never played it on the Gamecube (somethign which pissed me off no end, but I have done it on PS2 and Wii). My favourite's either Zelda or Lego Star Wars.

7: I've never met any of Panic! At the Disco. Damn. Though Ryan and Brendon did pass me after GIAN.

10: I prefer the Sith to the Jedi, though I'd rather the orce was just ripped from the galaxy. It'd save a shitload of trouble. Only one war's not been caused by the Sith/Jedi conflict and that was exacerbated by the Jedi

18: I have a scar on my chest from when I was a baby, I've never had an organ added.
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