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End Of Days

End Of Days
Pairing: Jay James/Moose
Rating NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Gore, zombies

I ran through the streets, Moose slightly ahead of me, a shotgun in hand and a pair of pistols in hip holsters. I wasn't sure where we were going exactly. Moose said he had a safe place, though I doubted such a thing existed anymore. It seemed everyone in town had lost their minds. Everyone was attacking everyone else and it appeared to be so they could fucking eat each other. Worse still, it seemed they were only stoppable by headshots. Nothing else seemed to stop them. Moose told me not to think of them as people. He told me their blood wasn't normal like ours, it was coagulated. Something that only happened after death.

"Wait." I looked at him then followed his eyeline. We were passing the park and his gaze was on something in the darkness. There was a body. A body with dogs around it. Dogs that seemed to be eating it. Moose aimed his own shotgun for them and pulled the trigger. As one fell to the floor dead, the remaining four looked up and watched us. I looked at Moose nervously, but only two of them came towards uss, the other two heading into the darkness. I aimed my own gun, shooting the first one in the head, watching it's brains splatter on the floor. Moose did the same to the second, though it took two shots to bring him down. Once again I was glad Moose liked guns and taught me how to use one right. Slowly, we approached their bodies and I gazed down at them. Dobermans, all of them. They looked... fucked up, their organs showing and wounds covering the skin. Shit, whatever this was was happening to them too. "Come on."

He led us both to the body but it was too late. Far too late. The body was torn open, with half his chest contents missing. He was clearly a boy, younger then us with his bloodied skin covered in tattoos. The most recognisable one was an eagle on his belly. What was left of it anyway. I'd feel sick if I hadn't already seen at least four others like this. Poor bastards, all of them. "Let's go."

"Yeah." Moose nodded and I knew what he was going to do. He pulled his left pistol out, aimed it for the boy's head and pulled the trigger. The bullet went clear through his forehead, covering the grass beneath it with more blood. Moose did it in hopes he wouldn't come back like the others. I bit my lip, then followed him as he led the way back down the street. "We're nearly there." I still wondered exactly where there was. He was probably aiming for a safe, secure place with where we could be locked away with fear of them coming for us. As we turned the next corner I recognised where we were at knew we weren't heading to such a place.

This was the street he lived.

"We're heading to your house? That's your safe place?" I whispered in a soft voice, trying not to let my confusion show.

"Yes." He nodded, leading us down towards it. Blissfully the street was silent, with no people or dogs here as we made our way towards the dark building. Once we were standing in the doorway, he fumbled for his keys to open the door. As he did that I kept darting my eyes around on the lookout for any movement. Nothing. As we entered the house I kicked the door shut, following him as he led me to this 'safe place' he had in mind. His home didn't have a basement nor did he have a panic room. Not one I was aware of anyway. He led me upstairs in the dark, stopping on the landing. Reaching up, he pulled a string on the ceiling, opening a door.

"Since when did you have an attic?" He led me up the stairs that came down when the door opened, then pulled it back up, sealing us inside.

"Always. It was here when I bought the place, bed included. I've never really seen the need to use it until now." He smiled at me, setting his shotgun down on the floor, then pulled me over towards the bed. It was only illuminated by the pale moonlight. "We can stay here the night, make our move at sunrise." He seemed to have things planned out well enough. They didn't seem to be smart enough to even open doors let alone pull a string. Perhaps their brains had rotted too much to do such things. It was so painfully obvious what those things were outside. Zombies. Moose refused to use the z-word, but I wasn't afraid to. He seemed to think they were infected with something. He thought it was a bioweapon developed by the government or the Corporation. And he called me the crazy one.

His lips pressed against mine, taking advantage of the few seconds my mind had been occupied by thought. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him, his fingers undoing the holster and letting it drop to the floor. Too shocked to resist, he pushed his tongue into my mouth and swirled it around my own. When he pulled away, he undid the zipper of my jacket, keeping his eyes on mine. I had a feeling that the look he was giving me was trying to gauge if I wanted him to stop. I chose to respond by kissing his lips lightly, running my pierced tongue over them. Satisfied with my reaction, he sped up his movements, pushing my jacket down off my body. While we'd been friends for a long time, bonding mostly due to being among the few Welshmen here, we'd never done anything like this before. Sure, I'd thought he was attractive and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought of him kissing me before.

He pulled at my t-shirt, breaking the kiss to remove it full and expose my body for him. Normally I wouldn't go this far with a guy, well apart from the rare occasion I was looking for a one-night stand. Perhaps we were both doing this because... well, things looked so bleak. I tried not to think about such things as he pushed me onto the bed, his hands roaming over my body as we kissed. He only pulled away to remove his own clothes, which he did so quickly. As he did that, I pulled off my black trousers, casting them aside. I kept my eyes on him as he undressed. The light of the full moon shown off his pale skin and I couldn't help but lick my lips. Despite being so far from home, his skin was still the same milky colour it was in pictures I'd seen of him back home. On the other hand, my skin had darkened slightly from the sun. He seemed to be admiring me for a few moments, licking his lips as I had done at the sight of him. I smiled up at him as he climbed onto the bed again, crawling until he was over me. "Are you a top or bottom Jay?"

"Bottom." I bit my lip lightly, my cheeks reddening slightly. I wondered if he asked me that because of my body. I was bulkier then him, my arms more muscular and I had a thicker member then he. Most people who saw me naked would assume I was the dominant type. Yes, I probably could take him if I wanted but that's just it, I didn't want to. He smiled and nodded a little, slipping off the bed to fumble in his pockets. For a few seconds I was afraid he was going to put them back on and leave me, but he didn't. Instead, he pulled out a tube and grinned at me.

He poopped open the lid and squeezed some of the lube on hs fingers before returning to me. I spread my legs wide for him, his slick fingers pressing against my crack, searching for my opening. I bit my lip and tried to relax when I felt his tip push against it. Slowly, he pushed it inside, his other hand stroking my belly gently as he did so. I offered him a small smile as I felt him push it all the way inside, wiggling it against my pulsing walls. I moaned softly, feeling his lips kiss the skin of my neck lightly. The first finger was soon joined by a second, both of them easing me open for him. "Moose..." He smiled and kissed me again, removing his fingers slowly from my hole.

He hooked my legs over his shoulders, placing his cock head at my newly stretched hole. He looked me in the eyes again, waiting for confirmation that he could go on. I nodded my approval, resisting the urge to just push back on his length. He thrust inside me slowly, holding my hips as he filled me with his cock. He stayed within me, fully buried inside me for a few minutes, planting kisses on my legs as I adjusted to being filled. When he felt I was ready, he started thrusting at a slow, steady pace. I wondered if this was a normal speed for when he fucked, or if it was one reserved for lovers. Regardless, it was a pace he maintained for some time, even though he occasionally made one of the thrusts a little harder. He kept kissing my hairy legs every so often, whispering softly how good my tight little hole felt occasionally.

I was quite comfortable with him going like that, in fact it felt quite nice. I reached down and started to lazily stroke myself, watching as his body became coated with sweat from exertion. Every time he buried himself within me, I squeezed my muscles gently around him, being rewarded by a low moan from his lips. Then he suddenly froze, his body stilling inside me for a few moments. "Moose?" I gazed at him, looking at him worriedly. Then, without a word, he started going again, only this time he moved completely differently. His thrusts turned from slow and gentle, to rough and animalistic. I could feel myself tear a little around him, but each thrust hit my spot so I wasn't caring. I guessed that the change in pace was just because he was getting closer to the edge, but it wasn't just his pacethat changed. His hands, which had been holding onto my thighs, now dug their nails into my skin and instead of just kissing my legs he was now biting into my skin. "Moose, stop it... that hurts." His bites were turning more painful with each thrust, so much so they were now overpowering the pleasure of his thrusts. I tried to move my legs, but he growled and bit harder.

I could see in the faint light his face becoming splattered with my blood. "Moose stop it!" I struggled under him but he held me down with surprising ease. I released my now soft cock and tried to slap his hands away, but he releasded my thigh and held it in place. When his face left my leg it took some of my skin and flesh with it, which made me squeal in pain. As I looked on in horror he chewed and swallowed what he'd ripped from me. "No... Moose get off me! You're one of them!" I almost reached down to try and free my hand, then realised that I could probably reach one of the guns. I twisted my head, locking my eyes on the holster I discarded earlier. I reached out with my left hand, desperately trying to grab it. Apparently there was still enough of Moose left in there to work out what I was trying to do as he bought my hand up to his mouth. He bit into my middle finger, making me scream in pain as he tore it off. Although I screamed, I kept focussed on what I was trying to do.

My fingers gripped the holster, pulling the leather strap of it towards me. He growled and bit through another finger, making me scream again, but I didn't lose sight of my goal. I pulled it closer to me, feeling him release inside me. I took hold of the gun and aimed it for him, shakily pointing the gun at his head. I could remember his words in my head, words from hours ago yet seemed like they'd been said to someone else. 'Shoot for the head, right between the eyes. Nothing else will do.' "I'm so sorry Moose." I whispered softly before I pulled the trigger. The bullet flew through the air and hit him between the eyes, burying itself right through his skull. He stilled instantly, falling backwards onto the floor. I cried softly as I heard his body thud against the floorboards. I curled up against te sheets, feeling the blood from my wounds coat them more.

Soon I'd have to wrap them up, dress and leave. Yes soon. I'd mourn him properly when I was safe. That is if I made it out of here alive. I sobbed softly, gazing out the window at the full moon. I hoped dawn would be soon.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/moose, moose, slash, zombie series
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