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Tall and handsome

Apparently Bullet are gonna do another tour here before the end of the year. I'm totally going.

Mikeysaur, I need to ask you about Collectormania. Still wanna go? I forgot to ask before you went.

Causa weather, I'm not going anywhere today, though soon I'll get Rock Sound (and edit thoughts about it in).

And here are the editted in thoughts: It's worth it for Panic! alone. Gods they're so amusing. Especially since Brendon is a mad driver and refers to bandmates as whores. I am buring Jared's jacket. It's all kinds of awful. The hardcore hotties thing... what the fuck? Only two are hot. They reviewed the Adien gig me and Claire went to. What gig were they watching?

Onto Bullet: Moose, what's up with that hoodie? Huh? When Jay's hood is up, he intimidating... with it down he's the least threatening person in the world, even when he'swaving his fist around (which just makes me think of fisting). Apaprently if people chil lout with Matt they might get to go back with him. A plan forming much? Apparently they've made friends with the Japanese acts on the tour, so now I have to know what they look like (cause Japanese guys are hot). Neither Jay or Padge gets to tlak though, but that's cause they probably ran away (they never seem to stick around for interviews, in one of the last Kerrang was Jay did a runner then too...). I guess it's either shyness or the need for sex. or both.

It's reminded me to look for Brigades album in a few weeks though. It's got an interview with them and Naoto looks hot in a suit.

I'm writing Bullet fic now. Well, I'm finishing End Of Days. I hope to do it tonight before Heroes, then I can do what I was gonna do and stop for awhile. Unless I get an idea for bfmv100 which has escaped me so far. I had a vague idea but decided not to use it.

And, cause I'm bored:
Here are 20 facts about me. But there's a catch. 5 aren't true. The rest are, honest. Try and guess which aren't. Anyone that gets em all... I dunno.

1: My earliest memory of Star Wars is turning the tv on and seeing Leia in her gold bikini. As soon as I saw that, I knew I wasn't straight.

2: My first memory is of somehow escaping the house to go after mum when she went to post a letter. I ended up at the police station and refused to tell them anything.

3: My favourite Gamecube game is Resident Evil 4.

4: I prefer Bullet To My Valentine to Panic! At The Disco.

5: I've never been drunk.

6: I hit Ian Watkins with my camera

7: I have met Spencer Smith

8: I hate coffee

9: I think Ilan Rubin is the most talented musician around now.

10: I prefer the Jedi to the Sith

11: I want to have a child someday

12: My favourite hoodie is a The Used one.

13: I have seen MCR live more then anyone else.

14: I keep having recurring sex dreams involving Worm.

15: I now hate the month of May with a passion now. It's the only month I hate.

16: I have a large collection of cuddly unicorns over my bed.

17: When I was a baby I almost died of meningitis.

18: I had an organ transplant when I was ten, replacing my left kidney. There's still a scar on my stomach from it.

19: I never saw Lord Of The Rings at the cinema. I've only seen two film series at the cinema in their entirety.

20: I've not seen any Star Wars films this year.
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