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I have the keys to open many doors

The net's been playing up all day. Fucking aol.

I watched Ally Mcbeal today instead of yesterday cause I started feeling... eh last night. I dunno. I went to sleep just after midnight, which is unheard of.

I've moved some posters to the bathroom, just a few for now, I'll do more tomorrow.

I'm also going to the home tomorrow, despite not knowing the code. Advantages? I can get doritos (maybe), pepsi and Rock Sound.

Kerrang's a bit eh today. In fact if I'd seen Rock Sound I'd probably have got it instead. Kerrang's only good for Pete skin, but everyone's seen that. Next week doesn't look much better. We'll see.

There's Torchwood cards out now, like the Doctor Who ones. I've always thought they should do some and now they have. I'll have to look out for them.

I have food cooking now, cause I feel hungry.

Next Wednesday I'll be gone during the day part of the day. I feel like being around nature for some reason.

Oh gods Daredevil's on. Ugh. It's... ugh. Turn it off!

I've been listening to Kill Hannah's album properly. Tis good. Before the gig I'll admit I'd only heard Morphine and Crazy Angel (who is the chick in it? Is it Milla? I think it is... damn, now I have to watch the Resident Evil trilogy before Tuesday).

Ah, food's done. Yay!

I know I keep asking but is there any Bob/Bert pics?
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