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The Collapse

The Collapse
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken
POV: Bob
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Slight AU (Bob never joined MCR). This idea vaguely came to me a few months ago. What if Bob hadn't joined MCR? Would he still be teching for The Used and, if so, wouldn't he naturally be the first choice when Branden left? I finally got the idea into a proper fic yesterday (as I was working on Annie's birthday fic), so I went with it and here we are.
Dedications: fastbetty31

I sighed softly as I stood outside the recording studio, running my hand through my long hair. Why Bert needed me here was beyond me, all he'd told me was he needed me here urgently and it was important. Of course this was Bert's idea of important so it was probably either he wanted sex or he'd found good weed or something along those lines. He'd called me yesterday and, despite thinking it'd turn out to be one of those things, I'd booked the first flight here. I shuffled from one foot to the other, waiting for someone to come open the door.

After a few minutes of waiting, the door opened to reveal a guy I'd never seen before. He had dark hair that framed his face and he looked fairly young. He wore a tight black t-shirt, which had some noticeable and questionable stains on it and a pair of tight jeans. Despite not knowing who he was, he obviously knew me, a grin spreading across his face as he saw me. "Ah, Bob right?" I nodded slowly and he moved aside to let me inside. "Please come in, Bert's waiting for you. I'm Dan by the way. Dan Whitesides." I stepped inside behind him, mentally trying to place where I'd heard Dan's name before. And then it hit me.

"You're Jepha's..."

He nodded with a sly grin, circlign his tongue over his lips. "Yeah I am." He lead me away from the entrance, down a hallway. This place was a small complex out in the desert which had a living area as well as the recording studio. I had a feeling Dan wasn't taking me to the studio area. This was confirmed to me when we past a sign that indicated the studio was in the opposite direction. As we turned a corner I saw their head of security standing beside a doorway, a sign they were all beyond it. He wasn't that intimidating really. Sure, he was larger then most of us and he probably weighed more then me and Dan put together, but he didn't scare me. Perhaps it was because I knew him from the Warped tour and knew that he was a friendly, easy-going guy. It was hard to be afraid of someone like that. Dan gave him a smile as we past him.

"Hey Worm."

"Bob." He nodded with a slight smile and I had a feeling we'd be talking more later. That is, if I stayed.

I guessed the room Dan had bought me to was the main living area. It was a large room, almost as large as the apartment I vaguely called home. A trio of couch's were arranged to face the tv, which was probably larger then it needed to be. Between the couch's was a coffee table, which had a pile of magazines and dvds resting on it. I knew the dvds would most likely be porn. On the other side of the room was a pool table, the balls on it scattered across it's surface randomly. I shook my head slightly, realising I'd spent too long studying the red-walled room. Instead, I now looked at the people within it.

Jepha was here, sitting on one of the couch's with his feet on the table before him. As soon as we'd entered the room, Dan had left my side to settle on his lap, occupying most of his attention. Despite having the younger male kiss over his neck, he was still able to acknowledge my presence with a wave. I chuckled to myself and offered him one in return.

"Oh Bob, thank fuck you're here!" I looked away from Jepha and Dan to the direction of the now familiar voice. Practically running towards me was the topless Ray Toro, his dark curls as wild and untamed as ever. I ignored the fact that my fellow tech was wearing a skirt that barely concealled his dick and tried to work out exactly what his problem was as his strong arms wrapped arond me, pulling me into a fierce hug. When he let go he moved behind me, apparently considering such a position to be a safe one. Or at least safer then his previous location.

"I'm here to see Bert, not to serve as a hiding place for a deranged version of hide and seek."

"Oh if only that were true." He snaked a hand around my waist, reaching down to stroke my crotch. "He wants to straighten my hair Bob." I could sense the distaste in his voice. He was quite comfortable walking around in girl's clothes, with make-up on his face or even with a dildo stuffed up his ass but straightening his hair? That was a line he would not cross. He nodded in the vague direction of the doorway I assumed he'd came from, where an irritated looking Quinn stood, straightener in hand. "Please help me."

"Quinn, leave his hair alone alright? Put the straightener downa and fuck him up the ass or something. If I find one strand of Toro hair straight when I come back then I'lll take all your clothes and peroxide and start a nice big bonfire." Quinn's mouth opened and closed a few times, then he tossed the offending implement out of sight. Ray released me, kissing me lightly on the neck before heading over to Quinn.

"Thanks Bob, Bert's through there." He pointed to another door before Quinn pushed him towards the pool table. I heard them groan as I left them, pushing open the closed door and making my way into Bert's room. Bert wasn't alone. The bed was occupied by two other males. Of course, I knew who they were before I even got a good look at them. They were the brothers Way.

Like Ray, they were formerly of My Chemical Romance, a band I'd once thought would have great success. However I was wrong. After the Warped Tour they'd ripped apart at the seems. They kicked out their drummer yet were unable to find a permenant replacement. A few months after he went, Frankie left them too. As a three-person band they couldn't function. That's when Bert stepped in. He offered them a place helping out with The Used, which they took. I guessed they didn't want to go back home in disgrace. While I knew Ray became a tech, I hardly saw the Way's. I guess this was what Bert had got them doing.

It was certainly an interesting sight, with Mikey atop his older brother, pinning his wrists above his lead while they kissed and thrust their hips against each other. I watched, mesmorised by the sight of them. They were both naked and hard, the pair obviously liking what they were doing and also oblivious to my arrival. "Ah, Bob." At Bert's words they stilled, with Mikey twisting his collared neck to look right at me. He blushed slightly as he smiled at me. They both wore identical black collars. "Brothers, shoo. Me and Bob need some time alone."

The pair pouted and shifted off the bed, heading over to kiss him lightly before heading towards another door. Gerard's hair was longer then it had been since I saw him last and he looked fatter. While Mikey was as slim as ever, still wearing his glasses though his hair was almost as long as his brother's. As they left, their asses wiggled before they shut the door, out of sight.

Bert sat in a leather chair, gesturing me to sit on the bed. I sat down on the sweaty sheets, gazing at him. He wore a lacy black dress that displayed his slim, inked body. He smiled at me, licking his lips before speaking. "Thanks for coming Bob. I'm sure you're wondering why I asked you here." I nodded a little, gazing at him. "Branden's gone. We had to get rid of him." My eyes widened at his words, but he continued before I could ask him about it. "That means we need a drummer to replace him, and soon." He looked at me as he said those words, as if to be sure I understood what he wanted without him actually saying the words.

I considered for a moment. Clearly Bert had called me here to offer me the position of their drummer and clearly that meant I was his first choice. But I also knew, since it was Bert, he'd have someone else here that could take up the position just in case I said no. Yes, if I rejected he'd try and offer me something to get me to change my mind, but if that failed... he'd have a back-up. Not that I'd say no. "Alright."

A grin spread over his lips and he stood up, practically pouncing on me. "I'm so glad you said that." He planted kisses over my face as he spoke, his appreciation extremely clear as he pressed against me. His arousal rubbed against mine through our clothes. "Anything you want is yours." I couldn't help but smirk at his words, knowing he'd have most likely offered that if I'd taken to long to reply. I reached around his waist, my hand sliding under his dress to grope his ass. My fingers slide down his crack, then push between his cheeks. He's dirty, but it's Bert. He's always dirty. I pushed them slightly deeper, running them down along his cleft slowly before pulling them out and bringing them to my lips, sucking my fngers clean. Although we hadn't been apart for long, I still had missed his taste. I made sure to suck slowly, lightly scrapping my teeth against each finger to ensure I cleansed them throughly. He groaned softly as he watched me. "Do you want my ass?"

"I'll eat it out later. You know I'm always hungry after a fuck." He smirked at my words and I spread my legs slightly. He took the hint and reached down, undoing my fly and pulling my jeans down. People often assumed from my outward appearence that I was the dominant one in my relationships. While I did sometimes like that role, I was more then happy to have a cock stuffed between my lips or buried up my ass. Bert spotted it practically the second we met. He was smarter then most thought. I lifted my hips up, letting him push my clothing down my hairy legs. He discarded them carelessly over his shoulder, my boxers soon following. He gazed at my large shaft briefly before planting a gentle kiss on the head. As his tongue circled the tip of my shaft, making me moan in pleasure, his hands moved up and pulled on my shirt. Slowly, he formed a rhythm off sorts: every time he'd dive down on my length he'd pop open one of my buttons. He did this seven times before stop, each time making me moan and tangle a hand in his hair.

He pulled back, leaving my cock sticky with his saliva as he did so. He pushed the checkered red shirt off my body, leaving me naked apart from my sneakers. He smirked down at me, then rolled me onto my back. "You're so beautiful." I blushed slightly at his words, shaking my head, though I was sure he wouldn't notice the movement. I wasn't beautiful. You could give Jepha that title, maybe his lover, or the younger of the Way brothers, but not me. Then again, I guess beauty was in the eye of the beholder or some crap like that. I twisted my head to watch him over my shoulder, the dress he wore tossed aside like my own clothes. He pushed two fingers inside himself, then pulled them out, using what he found to cover his cock. I moaned softly at the sight, then bought my still-wet digits to my own ass, pushing the middle one inside myself.

Now it was his turn to moan as I thrust my finger inside my, quickly working a second alongside it. It wouldn't take much for me to prep myself due to my large fingers. Just two of them opening me up would be plenty enough for him. I wiggled them around, opening my hole for him. Once both were buried knuckle deep, I removed them, suckling them clean as I did earlier. I tasted pretty good, not quite as good as Bert, but then I wasn't as dirty. I had a feeling that'd probably change now I was in his band.

He lined himself up for my opening, then pushed his dirty length inside me."Oh fuck Bertie." I moaned as he filled me, a hand reaching up to grip my long hair as he rammed inside me. I cried out loudly, his fingers tugging on my locks as he started thrusting deep. His other arm wrapped around my waist, holding me tight as his thrusts quickly became fast and rough. Just the way we both liked it.

He dug his nails into my belly, growling softly above me as he kept up his movements. "Jack yourself off for me." I was barely able to nod in his grip as I reached between my legs, tugging on my erection. He changed his angle so his dick slammed against my spot with every movement he made. I tried to move my hand at a similar speed to him but he purposely made his thrusts erratic so I was unable to. Bastard. He kissed my neck as his hips slammed against my ass, incoherent moans of pleasure passing my lips.

Due to the erratic nature of his thrusts normally, it was often hard to tell when he was close to orgasm. This time was no different to any other. He came within me in thick bursts, coating my insides. He cried out my name as he rode it out, still somehow managing to give thrusting in and out as he did so. I'd never managed to shoot at the same time as him, not once. If I was overstimulated I came before him but most of the time it was after. Bert moved his hand lower, cupping and stroking my balls as he continued to tug on my hair. "Cum for me Bob. Big Bob, shoot over the sheets, there's a good boy." He kept thrusting within me, despite his cock softening and his voice becoming breathless pants. "Come on now." His tongue snaked over my ear, slowly running over the lobe. "If you cum now, I'll let the brother's play with you."

I let out a soft moan, my eyes fluttering closed as I thrust my hips forward and spilled over the sheets. Seems the thought of them sealed the deal. Bert kissed my neck lightly again, easing out of me slowly. "Thank you Bob." I panted softly and rolled onto my back, watching him as he went to the doorway and opened the door, popping his head out into the main room. "Guess who's our new drummer guys?"

I found the strength to stand and head over, resting my head atop his. The others all grinned, apparently pleased that I'd been chosen. From what I could see they were playing a game of poker or something, using Ray's back as a table since the coffee table was still full. I rolled my eyes at them and pulled Bert back in. There'd be time to here their thoughts later. Right now I was hungry. I smirked at Bert, as he shifted from my grip and leapt on the bed face down, ready to give me what I needed.
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