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My Brother: The Whore

My Brother: The Whore
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
POV: Mikey
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, fisting
Dedications: anniebean for your birthday. I hope it's ok.

"Oh god..." I rolled my eyes as I entered the toilets, trying to ignore the moans coming from behind one of the doors. I recognised the moans almost instantly as being Bob's. Good for him finding someone to give him head. He was hot and deserved the release. Nonetheless I ignored it and snuck in a cubicle to pee. I didn't want him to see me when he finished up, just in case it embaressed him. As I pulled up the toilet seat I hear him cry out loud as he came. "Ohh Gerard..."

Now I was pissed.


When Gerard came into our room a few hours later I was waiting. I lay on the bed, wearing only my boots and a PVC dress. His eyes instantly went wide at the sight of me, his jaw dropping open. I hopped off the bed and made my way over to him, slamming him against the door. "Mikey..." I growled and gripped his hair tight, pushing him down to his knees.

"You are going to pay for being such a slut dear brother." I yanked his head back so he was forced to look at me, his cheeks flushed. "You're going to learn your place and that place is as my whore you understand? And if anyone else wants to use you they have to ask me first. Got that?" He glared up at me, squirming and it was clear he didn't understand that. Well he'd learn to. I released him and sat on one of the hotel room's chair's. "Undress then crawl to me slut."

"Who did you see me with?" He asked as he quickly removed his clothes, throwing them away. I raised an eyebrow and waited for him to make suggestions, wanting to know exactly how many there was. "Ray? Worm? Matt? James? Bob?" With each name my eyes narrowed more and he removed another item of clothing. When he got to Bob he was naked and crawling over towards me. He stopped at his name, perhaps realising that it was him I'd heard him with. He crawled slowly across the floor, only stilling when he was in front of me. His gaze was on my crotch, his pretty pink tongue flicking over his parted lips. Whore.

"My big brother, the great big band slut." I grabbed his hair again, pushing his head towards my cock. He didn't resist, in fact, as soon as he could he flicked his tongue out over my head. "Is there any male you've met you haven't at least tried it on with?" I growled, pushing his head down my shaft. "Anyone's good enough for you as long as they have a cock between their legs right?" He nodded a little against me, but I wasn't expecting an answer. He squeezed me with his lips, his tongue flicking over his underside. His talent at cock sucking wasn't a learned one, it was innate, natural. When he first gave me head, when I was 13, he was as amazing as he was now. It was no wonder people kept pushing him to his knees, he was so wonderful wiht his mouth. I was his first as he was mine. I groaned softly, rolling my hips against his face. I grabbed his hair tighter, pulling him away from my cock. "I'm going to shoot up your ass. Only if you've learned though. Tell me."

He panted softly, his eyes wide and lips shiny with saliva and pre-cum. "I am your whore brother. No one elses unless I beg."

"Good boy." Of course the others might still try, but I'd let them know the rules. Plus, if they did try anything, I had something on each of them. I had pictures of Ray in drag, complete with fishnets. I had a dvd of Bob being fucked by Bert. Same with Frankie and Matt. Worm and James... well, I knew what they did together and it wouldn't be hard to get a camera in their room at the next opportunity to get proof. If he did it with anyone else beyond them, well, I'm sure I'd be able to work something out. "Turn around slut."

He nodded, turning around on the floor slowly, so his round, pale cheeks were before me. He reached around and pulled them apart for me. Between them I could see a faint stain of white just below his ring. So he'd been fucked, and very recently too. Clearly after I'd heard him with Bob. Such a fucking slut. That was good for me though, because it meant I wouldn't have to waste time spreading him open. Until later. I stood up and aimed myself for his opening, stroking my hard, spit-coated dick. With a growl I slammed into him, burying myself fully within him in one go. He cried out loud, digging his nails into his fleshy cheeks. I was sure it was just for show though, since he'd had much bigger then me. I started thrusting within him, slowly at first, but I soon sped up. My hands moved around his wait to hold onto his hips, gripping tightly onto them as I rammed into him.

After my first few thrusts, he started squeezing his insides around me at regular intervals. He rested his forehead against the floor, pushing his ass back against me. "Whore." I could see the smile on his face as I said the word. Deep down, I knew he liked to be called it even if he'd never admit to it. I increased the force of my thrusts, making him cry out louder. His hands left his ass, reaching between his legs for his aching dick. I considered gripping his wrists and pulling them away, but I decided not to. I watched him tug on his length, in rough time to my own movements. I returned one hand to his hair, yanking his head back. I planted my lips on his neck, kissing and licking at his salty skin. After giving his neck treatment with my lips and tongue, I nipped his neck hard. I wanted him to be marked so the world would know he's mine.

We came together. He spilled over his belly while I shot deep up his ass, coating his insides. I released him, easing out of his opening and pulling away from him. His body, spent, collapsed onto the floor as soon as I let go. I wasn't finished with him just yet. I prised his cheeks apart, gazing at his leaking opening. I roughly inserted three fingers into him with my other hand, making him groan again. I wiggled them within him, gently working him open even more then he already was. After a few minutes of plunging my fingers knuckle deep and moving them inside him, he was squirming and hard again. I removed my fingers completely from him, causing him to whimper softly at the loss. I pressed all my fingers close together, along with my thumb then moved my hand to his entrance. Without warning I slipped it inside him, making him thrash beneath me and cry out loud in surprise. I was sure he'd never been fisted before. Still, there was a first for everything. He taught me that.

His hole was soon clamped tight around my wrist, my fingers wiggling against him, exploring his insides. He held onto the carpet, moaning as I rotated my wrist around slowly. "Mikey please..." He groaned and squirmed, but I wasn't sure if he wanted me to stop or keep going. I chose to keep going, wiggling my hand inside him. He cried softly, tears trailing down his round cheeks. "Please Mikey... take it out... please."

I chuckled softly to myself, keeping my hand inside him for a few moments more before slowly removing it. I wiped my dirty, sticky hand in his hair. He panted softly again as I did so, resting his head against the floor once more. I stood up and left him, grabbing a set of items to ensure his loyalty. "Understand dear whore brother, I'm using these things only because I have to." I pushed a black butt plug up his ass. It wasn't terribly big. I could have gotten one larger then my hand, but had decided for this one instead. I pushed it inside him firmly up to the base, knowing the stretching I'd done to accommodate my hand would be adequate enough for this. Satisfied it was buried formly within him I secured a series of faux-leather straps around him, the largest able to keep the plug in place securely. The rest wrapped around his waist and between his legs, and I buckled them in place where they met. I had considered getting one with a lock, but such a thing would prove far too bulky and obvious to me. The final touch was a ring, which I snapped around the base of his length. It ensured his near-constant arousal, yet also it meant he was incapable of release with it attached. He knew what it was, I'd used it years ago, making sure he had a rather embaressing boner while we were at school.

"There, perfect." I smiled, pleased by my handiwork and kissed him on the lips lightly. "Night my whore." I sat on the bed and pulled off both my boots the dress I wore, casting both aside to tuck away in the morning. I climbed under the covers of the bed, watching him as he tentatively joined me. I was pleased that, although he sobbed a little, he didn't ask for me to remove it. I kissed him lightly on the cheek, pulling him close to me. "I love you big brother, you just have to learn you're mine alright? Unless I let someone else have you." He nodded, kissing my cheek lightly before falling asleep in my arms. Oh yes, he was learning well.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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