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Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies

I didn't realise I didn't make a post all day yesterday until just now. Weird.

It's so green outside all of a sudden. It's strange. Maybe it's just me, I dunno.

I've been in bed most of the day without realising it. Bed's nice. And comfy.

I'm writing right now and I'll be watching the last few Deep Space 9 eps that I have soon.

I've ran outta pepsi so... bah. I'll hve to get more soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Apparently there's some sort of job at the Civic hall, so I'll see what that is tomorrow too. Of course, there'd be advatages and disadvantages to such a thing. Possible late nights and being stuck there, being backstage with people I care nothing for yada yada. Ok, so that's two disadvantages but still.

Good luck Darla, love yous.

Anyway, I seem to be in a strange, random mood. I dunno why. Maybe it's cause I'm always in a strange, random mood.

1. What's your opinion about Frank (and Gerard and Mikey [?!]) smoking on stage?
...I demand to see pics of Gerard and Mikey smoking.

2. Gerard is 31, therefore, he is too old for trees. Do you agree or disagree?
*blinks* too old for trees? What's that mean?

3. If you could win a random action figurine of any movie/novel/comic/television character in a raffle and give it to any one of the boys, what kind of figurine would you take your chances on? Why?
Hmmm I dunno *thinks* My brain's totally shut down. I'd wanna give Bob it though. I just dunno what it would be. Maybe I could take the head of a Gerard figure and put it on a slave Leia's body.

4. Do you ever wonder if any of the boys have odd bad habits (i.e. painting their toe nails, picking their belly button, et cetera)?
*shrugs* Everyone has something right?

5. Has there ever been a time where Chem let you down? How did you handle it?
I dunno if they have. Their fans though... gods. Take a look at some of the people that call themselves 'fans' the ones which start fights, make fuckyou posts regularly and just generally be bitches to each other. Ugh.
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