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You will be remembered in song

Doctor Who ramblings:
*Donna's brilliant, going back in for an eskimo coat. She's really prepared for anything huh?
*Although why's she think that rocket is better then the pretty Adipose one?
*The Ood are back and kinda cute. Poor them for being enslaved and lobotomised. Poor them
*They're always hiding something somewhere aren't they? A level, a floor a werehouse... always hiding something
*Psycho black guy is scarier then the Ood
*Again, another Star Wars person gets killed. It seems a regular thing now. Then again, she did deserve it I guess
*I had a feeling he'd turn into one. Not at first but about halfway through.
*The end was nice, the Ood were so sweet (though his song will end? What's that mean?)
*No mention of the Shadow Proclamation or lost worlds... but the bees going misisng is bought up again. Significant?
*Ironic how she doesn't want to go home but obviously is going back for next week (well if not home, then to 21st Century Earth in general).
*Martha's back next week, with an army. Seems like she goes in all guns blazing

It was a good episode and the first ep to be on an alien world since Malcassairo (it's still strange how they're only been to four total in all the series now).
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