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Stay clear of the sun or you'll find yourself in the sea

I didn't make a non-fic post yesterday cause I didn't know what to say. Well, I didn't really have anything to say, even a ramble really.

Anyway, here I am, making a 'properish' post before Doctor Who turns me into a squeally fanboy in a few hours.

I've listened more to the new Thrice album. I prefer Air to Earth a lot, but Fire/Water is better. Maybe I'll change my mind after a few listens but that's what I think now. I keep listening to this one song, which I have on now.

I've been watching Star Trek: Deep Space 9 again. I got to just over halfway the boxset I got before stopping ages ageo (and I can't recall why) so I'm back where I left off. Well, I'm not now, I watched 6 eps in a day.

I've always thought it was better then TNG and I still think that (maybe causa the mirror universe eps, I really liked them... why hasn't there been a set of them?). Why do I get the sinking feeling that the end of this series is a cliffhanger so I'll have to hunt down the next set? The annoying thing is I've just done a cursory look at Amazon and HMV and the next one is out of stock on both. Great.

Well, I guess that means if I do see it I'll have to get it anyway.

I'll watch more soon.

I'm gonna see if we have the stuff to do those Rabbid cookiees later. Maybe do em tomorrow or next week.

Donna, I'm so sorry. I'll keep thinking of you and Shan. I know you'll look after each other. I'm always here if you wanna send me a message or something.
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