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My Place

My Place
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Worm/Quinn Allman/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard
POV: Worm
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rape, scat, bondage, crossdressing, watersports
Notes: Based on a dream I had, with expansion. It's kinda long and I almost split it in two, but didn't.
Dedications: For fastbetty31

I awoke in a dark room, squirming slightly on a bed. My wrists and ankles were stretched out and tied to the bed posts. I twisted my head left and right, but saw no way out. I tried to scream for help, but a strap secured material in my mouth, silencing me. I felt my nose wrinkle as I tasted the dirty underwear. I wondered who had done this to me and I hated myself for not being able to stop this. I had enough strength to put up a fight, but I'd never had the chance to. I sighed behind the makeshift gag and tried to look myself over. I was surprised that I wasn't naked, but the dim light meant I couldn't get a clear look. I knew it wasn't anything I owned, it didn't feel familiar to me. There was only one thing I was sure of other then my bound wrists and that was that something had been forced inside my ass. Despite my best efforts to push iyt out, it remained buried inside me.

A small amount of light filled the room as the door opened and someone stepped into the darkness, the door shutting behind them. "Ah, our fat whore's awake I see." I shivered at his words, the voice familiar to me though I couldn't quite place it. His words scared me though. I'd always expected that if this happened to anyone it would be Gerard or perhaps Mikey but never me. The figure came closer to me, flicking on a lamp so light flooded the room. I blinked slightly at the sudden brightness, waiting for my eyes to get into focus. Without my glasses it was hard to see, but I could recognise who it was. I should have got hit from the smell. It was very obviously Bert. I could tell from the filthy smirk that graced his lips. From the looks of him he wasn't wearing my either, I could only see a pair of boxers clinging to his hips. "Take a look at yourself slut." I glanced from him down myself, seeing I was wearing a black bra over my man tits, a small mini-skirt and pair of panties covering my crotch and fishnet tights covered my thick legs. Shit, he'd dressed me up like a hooker. A fucking female one.

He laughed at my reaction, running his hands over the netting on my thighs. "I think it suits you." He spat on my belly and I watched as the saliva spread over my skin from it's landing place. My nose wrinkled again, but he just kept that filthy smirk. "Would you like to know what's going to happen to you you fat whore?" I bit into the gag and nodded uncertainly. I may as well prepare myself for whatever was coming. "Alright." He grinned like the maniac he was, rubbing my cock through my panties. I hated my body as his touch made me erect, but that just made him chuckle. "See you are a whhore? Tonight we are going to make you see exactly how much of one you are. You're gonna take cock down your cunt and throat." As he said that he used his other hand to stroke my large ass, his fingers pushing the thing inside me deep, before raising it to stroke my tattooed neck. "As well as our shit and piss." My eyes widened at his words and I struggled slightly. His hand squeezed my cock, which was now rock hard. Stupid fucking body. "And only when we're sure you've learnt your place, will we let you cum and toss you out like the filth you are." He leaned down over me and whispered softly in my ear. "And you'll use your new found skills on your band." I looked at him, horrified that he'd actually suggest such a thing. "You might not want to now, but you will. By the time we're through with you you'll be begging them to fuck your tits, throat and cunt. And then, once they have, you'll still beg for whatever else they want."

I struggled slightly against the bonds, wishing I could wipe that look off his face. If I wasn't fucking tied up... oh who was I kidding? If he could get me like this in the first place, then he'd be fucking able to fight me off. Filthy fucker. He seemed to see the conflict in my eyes and it seemed to just amuse him more., his hand moving from my neck to stroke my face. "I can see you're conflicted Wormy, but that will pass." He licked his lips suggestively, then reached down and pulled out his cock. I couldn't help but watch as he did so, keeping my eyes on his shaft. He was bigger then I'd expected, though I had to wonder what I had expected. It's not as if I'd thought about Bert's cock before. It wasn't as thick as me, but it was roughly the same length, the tip glistening with his excitement.

He climbed onto the bed between my thick legs and licked his lips. "Ready for your first cock whore?" I shook my head, but I knew it wouldn't matter. He pulled the string of my panties from between my cheeks, then removed the toy that was bured inside me. I could see it was a black dildo, about 6 inches and not very thick, it's surface shining slightly with what I assuemd was sweat and juices from my insides. He admired it for a few moments, then cast it aside and aimed himself for my opening. I bit hard into the boxers as he rammed fully within him, moaning about me and praising how tight I was. I groaned around the gag in pain until he altered his angle within me. At this slightly new direction, his head slammed against the bundle of nerves deep with me, making me almost howl in pleasure. Yes I knew that bottom guys had to get something from anal sex, but I didn't know it felt this fucking good.

Bert licked his lips as I pushed my ass back against him, apparently pleased with himself for apparently turning me into a groaning whore single handedly. Bastard. He reached up and undid the strap around my head, letting it drop to the pillow beside me. Instantly I spat out the boxers, the material landing on the other side of my head. I groaned softly as he speeded up his thrusts within me, his hand holding onto my hip under the skirt, with the other groping my chest. He pummelled my ass, making moans similar to mine as he did so. "Such a good fucking slut." I squeezed around him, making more moans gush out of his lips. "I knew you were a natural."

Although I now had my voice, I wasn't going to use it to argue with him. Instead moans of pleasure left my lips, my eyes half lidding. "Damnit you started without me. Fucker." I looked to the doorway, seeing Quinn enter the room. He was completely naked, his dick aching erect. I had to admit, he looked better with his blonde hair then he did now. He came across the room towards us and he slapped Bert's ass lightly before climbing onto me. "Least I haven't missed the shit yet." He gripped onto my short hair, running his dick head over my lips. It was obvious what he wanted me to do. A small part of me was disgusted with myself for proving Bert right, but another, scarily larger part, just didn't give a fuck. I parted my lips, flicking my tongue over his cock. He let out a soft moan above, then held tighter onto my hair and thrust his cock between my lips. I almost choked around him as he filled my throat and I had a hard time breathing through my nose. Quinn seemed to notice this and eased his cock out, leaving just an inch or two inside my mouth. He ran his fingers through my hair, licking his lips.

"You'd better get used to cock between your lips fast slut, just being able to take it ulp the ass won't be enough." I nodded, wiggling my tongue against him lightly. "See, you're a natural." He grinned down and me, sliding his cock back down my throat slowly. "That's it you fat whore, take it like the bitch you are." I heard Bert chuckle behind him, his hips going faster within me as he kissed Quinn's neck. as I looked at them a thought crossed my mind, one that was perhaps a stupid one but it was a thought nonetheless. Maybe Bert was the reason Quinn had changed his hair. I knew I'd never find out of curse but I couldn't help but think that. I watched as Bert licked his shoulder, his hand moving from my chest to a part of Quinn that I couldn't see but, as he bucked his hips, I had a fair idea where that was. I sucked hard on Quinn, wondering if I was actually doing a good job. I wasn't sure I was, despite the noises he was making above. Still, I slurped around his cock, squeezing my lips and wiggling my tongue as I tasted his precum.

Bert slammed his hips whin me one last time, groaning out loud against Quinn as he pumped his cum deep within me. It felt good to feel so full. Bert moaned more as I tried to wrap my legs around him, the restraints hampering my movements. Bert rested his head on Quinn's shoulder, a dirty grin on his face. "Good slut." He stroked my thighs, keeping his cock inside me as he rode out his orgasm. The hand on my thigh still stroked my skin as he eased out of my opening, his dick softening. Bert whispered softly into Quinn's ear as he did so, though he made sure his voice was loud enough for me to hear too. "Give the slut his first taste of cum." He licked Quinn's neck as the slammed down my throat. I wanted it so badly, but I also wanted to taste Bert. My cock throbbed between my legs with excitement. I felt something splash against my large, round belly and I instantly knew what it was. Bert's piss. It quickly covered my skin and soaked through the skirt I wore, and I had a feeling that some of it hit Quinn too. He didn't seem to mind, but then again neither did I.

Quinn slammed his hips harder, slapping his balls against my chin as his head tipped back. He was obviously close already. He pulled back slightly, leaving just the head and a little more in my mouth, one of Bert's hands stroking his shaft. By now Bert's flow had subsided and, as such, he was now focussed on Quinn. He was whispering things in his ear now, so softly that I couldn't make it out anymore. I wished I could whatever dirty things he was promising him. Whatever he said clarly made all the difference as in seconds Quinn spilled over my tongue and coated the back of my throat. I did my best to swallow all of the salty fluid, surprised by how strong it actually was. Not that I was an expert on how cum tasted of course. The most I'd done was absently licking my fingers after jerking off. Maybe I wouldn't have to just do that anymore.

Quinn pulled back, panting heavily as he wiped his cock over my lips. "You did so fucking... amazing for a first timer." He petted my hair, then stroked it fondly. Bert climbed off the bed, allowing Quinn to move back and down. "Untie him."

Bert reached up and undid my bonds, bending down and whispering softly in my ear. "I hope you know your place now slut and don't try to run." I nodded as he undid my restraints, but I left my hands where they were. "So obedient now... a shame we don't get to keep you." He kissed my lips lightly, then moved to flick his tongue over my nearest armpit. He gave it a few brief licks of his tongue, then straightened back up, aiming his cock for my head, but keeping it out of reach of a blowjob. I flicked out my tongue, tasting a mixture of fluids from him. He tasted of sweat, cum, ass and piss. It made my cock twitch more in it's piss-soaked confines. All too soon though he pulled fully out of my reach, making me whimper pitifully. he chuckled and licked his lips at my reaction, clearly amused again. "Quinn's going to give you something now and you're gonna be a good whore and spread it over that fat belly of yours before the last of us arrive." I nodded, guessing he meant the others were Dan and Jepha. I shivered at the thought of Jepha fucking me with his pierced dick, though I wasn't sure if it was out of excitement or fear.

I turned my attention to Quinn, who was now was squattng over my belly. I watched him curiously, then heard him release a soft groan. My eyes moved down to his crotch to his dick which was now soft and covered base to tip in my saliva. I was now even more pleased with myself that I'd managed to swallow it all. I felt something else land against me and the strong smell instantly hit me. I could see the shit land on my belly and, remembering Bert's words, I tentatively reached down for it. I nervously slipped my fingers into it, surprised by how soft and warm it was. I rubbed Quinn's filth over my wet skin, letting out a soft groan at the feeling. As he dropped another load on me I took that too, spreading it all over myself. It felt so good, why the fuck didn't more peple do this? The warth of the sticky mess felt amazing.

Once Quinn was done he removed himself from me completely, licking his lips at the sight of me. "Much better slut." I smiled, bringing my large fingers to my lips and curiously licked at them with my tongue. He tasted... strange. Betetr then I could have expected, not that I'd even thought about licking shit before. I scraped everything off my digits, swallowing it all down my throat. I had a feeling I'd have to get used to it.

Quinn and Bert kissed breifly, then Bert parted from him, opening he door and calling out into the space beyond. Seconds later, when Bert had returned to Quinn and looped his arms around him, Dan and Jepha entered the room together. They both wore more then either Quinn or Bert before them. Jepha wore a black dress that hung to just above his knees. It reminded me of, or probably even was, the dress he wore during their latest video. There was a very obvious bulge of arousal under the material. He also wore heels, though they weren't very high. His lips looked slightly shiny and I noted that there was a collar around his neck. He smirked at the sight of me, an appreciative sound leaving his lips. Behind him stood Dan. I'd never met him before, only knowing him from interviews I'd seen and read, though he never seemed to say too much. Dan wore black leather gloves up to his elbow and boots that covered the lower half of both his legs. Apart from those things he wore nothing and kept his eyes fixed on me. Bert leaned in close to Dan and whispered something in his ear, though I could't make any of it out.

Dan nodded, though said nothing as the pair of them approached me. Jepha took up Bert's position between his legs, while Dan pulled the bra covering my chest up, reaching under me and unclipping it before removing it the lacy material from me. He exposed my tits for his eager eyes, reaching down and stroking them wiith his covered hands. Jepha slammed his large dick within me, the piercing making me me moan in pain. Dan ignored me and climbed onto the bed too. At first I'd expected for him to stuff himself down my throat as Quinn had before him, but he didn't move near my lips. Instead, he rested jsut above my belly, pushing his cock between my tits. "You know what to do slut." I blinked and looked at him with confusion, which made him sigh in annoyance as Jepha thrust deep into me, deeper then Bert could. "Stupid slut." Dan growled and gripped both my hands, placing them on each of my fat made man tits. "Got the idea now?"

I nodded a little and blushed right red as I pushed them together. He smirked and thrust between them now, moaning as he apparently enjoyed it. I felt disgusted with myself again, but pushed such thoughts away as he moved. He went at a rougher pace from Jepha and I had a feeling he'd already been doing something. His cock felt too slick for it just to be precum. His boots pressed against my sides as he kept moving.

Quinn approached me and took my head in his hands, twisting it towards his cock again. He wasn't hard, but I had a feeling that wasn't the point. He held himself at the base and started to piss, aiming the flow for my parted lips. "Drink that piss down you fat whore." Dan sneered from above, scratching at my arms wherever he could. As I gulped down Quinn's piss, I felt Dan spit on my cheek.

Jepha held my thigh with one hand, moving his other hand to my cock and wrapping his hand around it. He stroked my thick erection at a steady pace. He rammed hard into me, just as Dan's speed increased on my chest. I had a feeling if I'd been left alone with the young boy, I'd been beaten as well as abused far more then I had been. Thankfully the presence of the others seemed to act as a buffer. I smiled gratefully at Quinn as he left my side. Dan climaxed as he did so, covering my chest in thick bursts of his seed. "Filty slut!" He growled and spat at my face again, the glob of saliva landing on my other cheek. He got off me and forced the bra back on me, making sure it became stained with him. As soon as it was redone he was away from my sight. Bert gave him a quizzical look as he headed to the door, but Dan just snorted. "If I stayed I'd beat that fat filty whore. And I know you don't want that." He left the room, throwing me a disgusted look as he did so.

Jepha smiled down at me and spoke in a soft voice. "Don't worry about him." He speed up within me and bent down over me, keeping his voice low as he slams into me. "You look good like this." He offered me another smile, kissing the tattoo on my neck as I came at last, the ppounding of his dick against me too much. When the band's used to tour together Jepha was the one that aid me most attention. Quinn largely ignored me and Bert was only interested in where Gerard or Bob was. Jepha pulled away from my neck, his dick pulsing as he climaxed within me.

All too soon he removed himself from me, then flashed me a smile and left the room, almost falling over on his heels as he tottered out. I had a feeling it was to find Dan. "Well, I guess we're done with youthen slut. I hope you've learned your place." Bert came over and released my ankles, looking over my body. Piss and spit covered my face, while Quinn's dried shit covered my belly and cum drooled from my hole. He helped me off the bed as I nodded. "Get on your knees." I got down on them as he wanted, waiting for whatever he wanted. He pushed his ass into my face and I slipped my tongue over his hole as he pushed out shit. I opened my mouth wide, chewing and swallowing every piece of shit he pushed into my mouth. Once he was done I licked over his ring, cleansing him of the little that remained there.

"Good slut. Now, get up." He grinned down at me, kissing me lightly on the forehead as he led me out. Quinn smiled and waved me goodbye, but didn't respond physically. He led me through the house and out the black door. I trembled slightly at the cold. "Bye slut." He slammed the door, leaving me outside. I realised that, as well as the state my body was in, that I only wore the mini-skirt, fishnets and bra. Shit. Shit, shit, shit. I considered knocking back on the door, but I had a feeling no one would come. I sighed in defeat, not quite sure what I should do.

A car pulled up in front of me, the door opening wide. "Get in." I shivered a little and climbed inside, gazing at the figure inside. "I see they did a good job with you, just as I asked." The car restarted and Bob licked his lips, reaching over and stroking my thighs. "Perfect. But I guess I'll find out exactly how perfect you are soon enough." I looked at him dumbstruck, blushing slightly at his words. That explained why they'd gotten me so easily. I smiled and licked my lips, leaning down and lapping at the cock that was sticking between his legs, his flies undone.
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