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Good moaning

Why was there nothing really on tv last night? Tuesday's and Thursday's are always the blah days it seems.

I slept through the time The Simpsons is on. Why do I keep doing that?

Insanejournal, come back on now!

I called Mikey last night cause I got paranoid. I'm know to do that.

I got Kerrang today. The best thing about it is the Kill Hannah poster (and I just knew that they'd put GC's on the back just to be arses). Mat looks so perdy as angel. it amuses me that the others have hands on him (apart from the mowhawked one... I really have to learn names). I've put it up on the old comp's screen. The only other thing interesting is Pierre's thing where he says he gets naked a lot and is interested in transvestites... though he says that it's in a 'non-sexual' way a lot. Damn the pic of him being pretty and showing some skin.

Next week looks... eh.

Curse ye Cobra Starship for doing a tour (If you'd kept the right GIAN day I wouldn't be wanting to go). I hope Finch adds a date here for their tour.

Now I keep staring at that Kill Hannah poster, it's very distacting. Seriously, it's one of the hottest I have up now. If only every band would do a poster with one of them topless (or all... all is better).

I think that's everything. I'm going to finish sorting out the card now.

Oh wait, there is one more think.

Darla, I'm gonna look at doing that Worm fic today.

Rememeber a bit ago when I did this? Well, although some haven't been finished or I've had no ideas for them, I'm doing it again. This time 5 instead of 10.

So anyone that wants one, just fill this and leave in a comment k? I'd like if one was for James Dewees since I don't have any specific ideas for him. (And something with Bob too. or fishnets.)

Pairing/fandom: (this can be a threesome or more but try and keep it five tops k?)
Any ideas you have: (As in if you have something specific in mind, if you don't, that's ok too but remember it'll be shortish)
Anything you'd like to see: (BDSM, bestiality, gore, scat, vampirism etc if there's something really specific you'd like bold it)
Anything you'd not want: (try not to be too limiting here)

Edit: Huzzah! AOL works again!
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