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I see it all now

Why is it sunny and warm outdoors and cold indoors? I kept overheating cause I wore layers.

I hope you're ok Darla. Love you, good luck.

Jay's had to leave the TOC tour cause his girl's ill. Poor Jay. I keep forgetting he has a kid. I hope she gets better.

Today's been odd.

I got Thrice and Elliot Minor. Does anyone else looks at Elliot Minor's sleeve and think 'Black parade'? Cause the layout/background/font is scarily identical to it's sleeve. Hmmm.

I got more minis too. I got an ok box I think. I got Darth Krayt (yay super rare goodness) and a dug fringer, but most of the rest I had. I now have about half of the non-rares I want from the set, so I can still get a few more boxes over time.

I got a load of dvds from Blockbuster for only £1.99 each. There's Robot Wars, Dark Fury, a Star Trek one... and load of Yu-Gi-Oh. Yeah, I felt odd only having one so got all the ones that led up to it. So now I can watch it from the start and hopefully understand it better. And if I don't understand it... well, at least I didn't spend 4 times as much plus on them.

My Star Wars cards finally arrived today. Huzzah! I've put some of em away, doing the rest cause I have more sleeves.

So I'm gonna do that now and put my new cds on the comp.
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