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On His Neck

On His Neck
Pairing: Jay James/David Desrosiers/Pierre Bouvier/Worm
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Slight BDSM, slavery, slight scat, other things implied
Notes: Originally Jay was meant to have more slaves (Bob and Ray) but I decided not to. He was also meant to be harsher, but I guess that didn't pan out.

I gazed down at the pretty, young boy although some wouldn't call him that. He had a pair of small, round tits with large, pierced nipples in the center of each. His tongue flicked over my boots, licking at shiny material. His black hair hung to his shoulders and each of his eyes were permenantly lined with tattoos. The tongue that swiped over the leather permenant hung slightly from his mouth over his lip rings, due to harsh stretching I'd subjected it to. His waist was still as slender as the day I'd met him and, below, hung his perfect, small cock and balls which were both pierced. He gazed up at me with his bright, eager eyes as he kept going on his task. I smiled, running my fingers through his soft locks as he did so. Little David was a good little boy.

Of course, he learned his place rather quickly once he'd seen me snuff one of my previous boy's. Death was a powerful motivator. Well, the fear of it was. You can't exactly get the dead to do anything.

"Good boy." He beamed at my words, then he switched to my other boot. I raised the one he'd been working up into the light, licking my lips as his saliva glistened on it's surface. Even the series of buckles along the side were extra shiny. Perfect. As he gave my left boot the same treatment I shifted my gaze from him to his lover who lay on the floor. I sometimes wondered if they realised how lucky they were to still be together. There were Masters out there who'd have parted them as soon as they got them or kept one and tortured the other to death. They were fools. Seperating lovers only caused the remaining one to try and commit suicide, often with surprising sucess. Plus these two were rather cute together and, since I still allowed them to fuck, I got a good show out of it too.

He had dark brown hair, the same length as David's and his left arm was covered in pretty tattoos. Pierre was his name and he was largely unchanged from when I'd got him. I'd given him a septum piercing, but no others. He smiled at me as he noticed my gaze, spreading his legs wide, his cock bobbing slightly. My eyes weren't drawn to his crotch though, but instead to his gaping hole. When I'd got him it was tight and virginal, but now it wide enough to look into. That meant he could take either or both of my fists quite comfortably. But, better then that, he could now take David's whole head. It was an extremely surreal and arousing sight. When the thought first entered my head I didn't think it would be physically possible, but I'd given it a try anyway. Turns out it worked out quite well and both actually liked it. As such, they now did it pretty regularly.

The third of my pets lay on the bed which occupied the center of the room. I'd had him the longer then the pair of lovers. I called him Worm, because the first time I had him he squirmed like one. The name stuck so much I couldn't remember his real name. Unlike the boys, Worm never conformed to the traditional standards of pretty. Already a fairly strong, well rounded guy, he was largely ignored when I had him. Well, except by the few chubby chasers around here. He'd genuinely appreciated my interest. Of course, he'd changed his mind when we got home at first, but now he seemed contented. He had a tattoo of a bird on the right side of his neck and several others over his strong arms. He had long brown hair, a lighter shade of bown to Pierre's. Since I'd had him he'd put on extra weight, which suited him. I liked having him so big, it made him nice to be close to. I liked sleeping beside him. Sometimes my hand would caress his thick thighs, then slowly jack him off. He loved that.

I petted David's head lightly, returning my gaze to him as he finished with my right boot. "Good boy." I petted him again as I spread my legs, his head moving to my dick instinctively. He parted his pretty lips, swallowing me down to the base in one go. He lapped at the underside of my cock, the tip pressing against my sac. I gripped his hair, purring softly as he sucked my dick. He was an excellent cock sucker. His palms stroked my thighs as he suckled me. He squeezed his lips around me slightly, thumbing my full balls. As he bobbed up and down I glanced at the small mirror that hung on one wall.

I looked relatively unassuming now. Before I got Worm my hair was short and slicked up into spikes. It was a look that hadn't got me much action, due to it being 'too intimidating' so I'd changed it. First I allowed my hair to grow and didn't spike it all, giving it a fluffy look. That new look, coupled with guys finally noticing my tongue stud got me the males I craved. Of course, they expected me to be a bottom, but I was anything but. Now my hair hung past my chin and lacked the fluffyness of the previous look, which I'd used to get Worm and several others. This look had gotten me David and Pierre, though no others yet. Right now I was content with the three of them, though I could see myself going and getting a random pretty boy to kill. I had the killer's itch.

I returned my attention to the boy between my legs, who was still doing his best to please me with his talented mouth. Alas though, for some reason I realised I wasn't in the mood for it. Sometimes that's just the way it was. Instead of telling him that though, I pushed his head away from me and stroked his hair. He looked a little sad to be away from my dick, but I knew my next words would cheer him up. "Go ride him." I nodded to his lover and he beamed, kissing my belly before crawling over to him. I watched, my wet erect cock bobbing as he pushed two fingers into his ass, quickly preparing himself. I smiled to myself at the sight, the young boy quickly mounting Pierre's throbbing member. He moaned as it filled him, tipping his head back and rolling his sharp hips. Little whore.

I undid my boots, slipping my feet out of them and setting them aside before moved from my seat to the bed to get a better view. I lay upside down beside Worm, running my hands over his belly. I knew he was watching too, just as he'd watched David with me. I felt his lips press against my asscheeks, giving me gentle kisses. I moved myself onto him so my ass was fully in his face, his large, soft belly pressing against mine. He kissed and licked at my skin, his tongue diving between my cleft. He loved eating out ass. My chin rested on his thick thighs as he thrust his tongue deep inside me.

I kept my eyes on David as he was now rapidly bouncing on his lover, his palms stroking the skin of Pierre's chest as he groped David's breasts. His fingers circled the younger male's nipples, tugging slightly on the rings. His hips moved to meet the movements of David's ass and they worked in tandem to get each other off. David's hand left Pierre, taking his dick in hand and stroking it rapidly. I kept my eyes on them as their heads tipped back and moans left their mouths. Whores.

I let my eyes lid as Worm's tongue swiped remnants of shit from my crack before retreating back to his mouth to swallow. Then he held onto my cheeks and buried his tongue deep inside me. I moaned softly at the feeling, finding it increasingly hard to pay attention. I could still hear them groan in pleasure. I cursed myself for still being unable to concentrate from Worm's tongue. You'd think after so long I'd have at least token immunity to it, but he drove me so mad with lust I lost the ability to think clearly the moment his tongue touched my ass. To my ears, my own moans drowned out the lovers.One of my Worm's hands held my cheeks open while the other wrapped around my cock, slowly stroking it. He always went frustratingly slow with it when he wanted one thing. His lips sucked my hole as his tongue did slow circles against my insides. He could keep this up for hours if he wanted and, although I was the one with power, I always let him.

Eventually, he pulled away, breathing softly against my ass before flicking his tongue over my balls. That was his way of telling me he was done for now and I could give him what he wanted. I nodded to myself, pulling away from him and moving between his legs. They'd both came at some point, since their belly's were sticky and David's ass was leaking. They were both licking each other clean. They'd never needed me to tell them to do that.

I parted Worm's large cheeks, aiming myself for his hole. Then I did what I always did for him and him alone. I looked up at him, looked him right in the eyes and waited for him. Only when he nodded and wrapped his large legs around me did I slam into him. I groaned softly as my shaft filled his heat, my balls slapping against his cheeks. We kept our eyes on each other as I fucked him hard and deep, taking his dick in hand and stroking it in time to my thrusts. He smiled at me, trailing his hands up my strong arms as his inner muscles squeezed around me. He always knew how to get me off. Yes, the others did too, but he did it best. He did everything best.

He came before I did, as he always did. I managed to hit his spot with each slam of my hips which resulted in him never lasting too long. He spurted thickly over the overhang of his belly, coating the whole area with his sticky fluid. I kept up my face, releasing his cock and wiping my hand on his thigh before burying my face in his chest. I kissed and licked at his salty skin, allowing myself to purr softly. His hands had fallen to his sides and his legs were slightly looser around me but I didn't care. As I expected I followed him soon after, spilling deep within him with a low groan.

We lay there, just panting heavily, for a good long while before I finally moved. I spared a glance at the other two, who were already curled up against each other asleep, David with his head pressed against Pierre's ass in case I wanted him to sleep inside it. I was too exhausted to push him in. I snuggled up against Worm, planting a kiss on the tattoo on his neck. He smiled at me, kissing my forehead as he drifted to sleep.

I waited until I was sure he was fully asleep before joining him.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, david desrosiers, fic, jay james, jay james/david desrosiers/pierre bouvie, pierre bouvier, simple plan, slash, worm
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