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We'll last longer then we will against that Death Star

Good things about today:
*My head is finally clear and has been most of the day
*I have net connection
*Finding out the next series of Heroes has a release date here. On the 24th

Bad things about today:
*Net connection's IE, so I still have no aim and I'll sometimes click links on AOL and lose the connection
*Still not talked to mum so I have no explanation for yesterday
*Block. Why can't it let me finish that one stupid fic I have open, then I can go on break like I was meant to?
*I'm not ready for tomorrow

I know most, if not all of you have seen these memes before, but I think they are alot of fun and a great way of getting to know the people on your flist more. I'd really like all of you to do this with me, so please comment and I will pick 7 of your interests from your profile and you will tell me more about them and what they mean to you. Post this, along with your answers to your journal so that others can play along! Sound fun? You bet you sweet buppy it does!
anniebean did this first and she asked me more then 7 so...

bob's solo project: Well, Bob's solo project is something from behind the scenes of one of the video shoots (I think Welcome, but I'm not 100% sure right now). Bob basically says he has a solo project and it's all songs about Gerard. He then launches into singing the famous 'Oh Gerard you make my heart burn'. I totally adore the idea of him doing an album at some point, it'd be one of the most awesomest things ever.

cross dressing: I love my guys in dresses. I like wearing em too

doritos: Blue doritos are love! They're one of my favourite foods.

gerard way/mikey way: Ah the Ways, my first MCR pairing. Obviously, they've done something. I mean, do you know any brothers that grope each other? A lot.

panic! at the disco: Panic!'s (to me they will always have the !, so there) a band from vegas that's pretty. Well, Ryan used to be pretty, he's less so now. Spencer's the prettiest, always will be unless he, like, shaves his head (don't you get any ideas Smith). Anyway, I first heard them ages ago and they're so awesome. They're great live (I've seen them four times now, eeep).

slash fanfiction: Slash=< 3 It's so awesome if it's done right. I love to write it. It gives me something to do.

the british empire: I'm patriotic to Britain, I think we should rule again. The Empire was once the world's largest, so much so that the 'sun never set on it'.

vampires: Vampires are so hot. End.

charlie simpson:

Charlie's the main singer/guitarist/sometimes pianist in Fightstar. He very pretty, though is very tall (he's known for his height since he towers over everyone). He is very hard to understand, because his voice is quite deep and he has a tendancy to talk fast sometimes.

heroes: Heroes is awesome. Especially Hiro and Sylar (they should do it). I wish series two would hurry up. I's about people with special powers and it's way better then that makes it sound.

jobomar: Ok, I doubt anyone will actually know what this is. It's Jay James/Bob Bryar/Omar Abidi. No example of it exists so I guess I should really remove it or something.

most haunted: I love it, I wish I could get the channel it's on up here. It's so cool, what they do is go to a haunted house and spend a few night. Sometimes it's so scaryily accurate and there's weird noises and stuff. And Yvette screaming is brilliant.

ray toro:
Super awesome and way underrated guitarist of MCR, Ray needs way more love then he gets (like Bob). He is very big. Maybe that's why I like him. Recently I've ended up making him subby (since everyone writes him as a top), though oddly one of my first Ray fics had him as a bottom. Hmmm. Anyway, Ray is brilliant.

the umbrella academy: Gerard's comic. It's so cool and I have one signed. yes I always froze to death, but it was worth it. And I was shy. I'm a shy person yasee. I keep meaning to re-read it, but I'll wait till the full set comes.

waycest: Ah more Waycest again :P They were the third incest pairing I was into (after the brothers in Digimon and the Maddens). Brothers fucking is always hot. The Leones, the Simpsons (as in Charlie and Will), the Kaulitz' and the Sykes'.

world domination: The same thing we do every night Pinky: try to take over the world! World domination is goood.

I'm gonna go do pizza now.

And I keep playing this song for some reason.
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