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Like a Trojan horse

Once more I'm posting from the Wii, only this time it's not by choice.

Why? Cause AOL closes whenever I try to open a site on the comp, It doesn't even try to load it. I can still see my e-mails (now) and MSN is still connected. Bah. Nothing I try sorts it.

Until it's sorted I won't comment on anything, since it takes so long to comment. E-mail (or comment here) with anything I need to see and I'll at least try to read.

This is not helping my head.

The sole good thing about this now I've a reason not to write, since I was gonna stop after this one I have open anyway.

Mum did finally turn up last night, but we said nothing to each other. Same today. Meh.

What is this? ¥ Is it the symbol for yen?

I'm off now.

Edit: Thankfully now IE is working. Huzzah?
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