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The household gods

Before I ramble about Doctor Who, mum's disappeared. She's not in the house, hasn't left a note and the only place she'd go she can't (cause her friend's on holiday). So where is she? And why didn't she wanna be here for the sole mum/son time we hae?

Anyway, onto rambling:
*The Doctor has bad luck going to old places huh? Instead of Rome, Pompeii. Just like he went to Cardiff instead of... somewhere else in The Unquiet Dead.
*I like Donna. I'm glad that she's still got the 'you can't let everyone die' attitude
*It's scary how right the soothesayers were.
*'Just us girls' < 3
*There's the Shadow Proclamation again (it was in the last ep and way back in Rose so I reckon it's the code phrase like Bad Wolf, Torchwood and Saxon before it). For him to use it now means that whoever they are, they were around a long time ago and well respected. Perhaps they were a form of Galactic Government or code of laws.
*The son was cute
*The aliens planet lost? Perhaps due to the Time War (like the Nestene Consciousness' was)
*Water pistol!
*I'm glad they saved someone
*The end was good (I had a terrible feeling Rose or someone would've shown up again)
*Donna amuses me. I liekd her outfit and when she eventually realised the Doctor was right (and pushed the lever with him)
*For some reason my eyes watered. I dunno why.
*The Ood next week!

Now, what I think is the main puzzle or this episode is the escape pod they use. Right, it can just about fit the Doctor and Donna and it was supposedly the aliens ship. Not a single of those aliens could have even fit through the door. So, the question is, who put it there? Why? Obviously it's an escape pod... but who was it intended for? Doesn't the Doctor think that (since the aliens admitted their spaceship turned to dust) that it couldn't be theirs?

Hmmmm. Perhaps I think too much.
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