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Make me nervous

So, I feel better now. My head's less painful and my tooth hardly hurts. Well, cept if I accidentally bite, then it does but only fo a few seconds.

I have to find that hadwritten CV thing I did and type it up for Monday, as well as fill in a six options thing. It's the six places I'd wanna work basically so I'm gonna put Forbidden Planet (Wolverhampton), HMV, Zaavi (both Walsall), Blockbuster (Wryley), Game and Gamestation (Cannock).

Where the fuck are those Star Wars cards? It's starting to annoy me. I expected them here before Wednesday and they're still not here. Bah.

I watched Dexter last night. He shoulda got it on with that kid. They'd have been hot together. I was sure I'd have a sex dream with them but I had one of Jack/Ianto/Rhys instead. Odd.

I wrote last night till I had to lay down again. It's annoying me I keep having to do that. I'll try finish it today.

Yay Doctor Who tonight.

mcr_fridayfive's friday five.

1. What do you think of the Mikey Fuckin Way shirt being sold as merch?
I want one, I think it's awesome, but I know I'll never ssee it. Since Ray's got a tee too I wonder if Bob'll get one.

2. What do you think of the bands(Billy Talent, Drive By) that are currently supporting MCR?
I've got no really opinion. I don't think I've heard them much.

3. Do you have a favorite MCR video(including interviews, documentaries, etc.)? What is it?
Mmm... I'm not sure. I dunno.

4. Do you have any MCR icons? Which is your favorite and why?
I've got loads. My favourite's either Hillbilly!Bob or Ray with his legs spread.

5. Has MCR ever influenced you when you were making an important decision? How?
Does getting me to go to GIAN 06 count?
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