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At last we are getting results

I'm not sure how long I have, so this post'll be short (and possibly jumpy).

Doctor didn't say much. Since it's now localised it should be going away soon. I've been give more pills. I'll be picking them up after Job Center cause then I can get a refill of the 4head too, which he says will help (and the tube I have is almost gone).

It's raining majorly outside. Bah. I have to go out in it. Least I'm not walking.

LJ and the net in general has been evil the past day+. That, coupled with the headache hurting my eyes meant I wasn't on much.

I did a little writing, but my eyes got the better of me so had to go. I called Mikey though. I miss his voice.

There were penguins on TV yesterday, which led to me waddling around like one. I love thems.

In lieu of Download me and Mikey might be seeing Lostprophets on the London warm-up gig.

Danny's cone is finally off. Yay!

Must stop staring

Have fun at MCR Darla and Annie and anyone else. < 3

I hope they release that Mikey (and the Ray) tee here.

Speaking of MCR, I have a reason to hate Gerard's wife. Apparently since he's been with her he's been drinking again. Now he's been sober for 2 years because booze and stuff fucked him up so much so I consider this to be an extremely bad thing.

Anyone have a cannon aimed for the sun?

So, things to do today:
*Jobcenter/get food
*Re-watch Doctor Who
*Possibly watch Panic! (or second half of QI)
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