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My Master will not make Palpatine's mistake. All Jedi must die

Even though I've not yet read the new Legacy graphic novel (I gave up getting the individual comics after the third, I just lacked the zeal to get them that I had with Umbrella Academy) I still think Darth Nihl did Cade Skywalker. I dunno why. Maybe it's cause I think the Nagai are hot.

Anyway, to ramble pointlessly as always.

I managed to finish two fics yesterday and post them both, which I count as good. I'll see if I do anything today.

Gods the Panic! special edition is huge isn't it? It's so perdy. I'll have to watch the dvd soon.

Tomorrow I'm going to stupid Job Center and doctor. Which am I more iffy about? I'm not sure. Probably the former cause I'll have to be mouthy. No way am I doing any form of course again. I will refuse since they did nothing for me at all.

Last night, while getting food, I slammed the freezer door on my finger. I quickly put a plaster on it when I saw it was bleeding, so I didn't see the wound till I changed it today. It's fairly small, though it seems the skin has gone. Eep.

Currently my head's going through a good phase, unlike last night when it started making my eyes hurt.

Star Trek Conquest is oddly fun. It'd be better if you could play the bonus races in the main game though.

Who would people like James Dewees paired with?

I'm gonna go watch QI now.
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