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Pairing: Worm/Mikey Way
POV: Worm
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Docking
Dedications: fastbetty31 I hope this is alright.

I flicked my gaze to the boy sitting next to me, not quite believing he was real. The boy next to him was called Mikey and he was a rare sort of guy. The apricot bandanna tied tight around his right wrist was a symbol of that. He was a chubby chaser. While most guys would look at me and either think nothing of me or be disgusted by me, boys like Mikey were the opposite. Mikey squirmed beside me, his bulge clear in his pants, even though his hands were bound over it. He had trouble keeping his hands to himself, so I'd had to tie them together for the journey. It wasn't that I didn't appreciate his gentle touch, but it was hard to concentrate on driving when he did.

I had a feeling he liked it.

I pulled us up into my driveway, glad to finally be home. I undid my seat belt, then his and stepped out, opening his door. The boy swung his legs out the door, then stood and smiled at me. "This is my place." I gestured towards my home, which was just an average house. He seemed to like it though and I led him to the front door, pulling him by his bound wrists. I knew his gaze would be on me again as soon I turned from him. As soon as he'd seen me earlier he'd headed straight for me, ignoring all the various offers he had from other guys. As soon as he came to me I saw the bandana and knew that's why he came to me. See, a guy like Mikey gets off only on big guys and I was the biggest guy there.

I pulled him into the house, through into the bedroom. Once there, I finally released him from his bonds, then started to strip. My clothes ended up scattered over the floor, exposing my large, naked body to him. He licked his lips and reached out for my belly, running his fingertips over it. "So hot..." He whispered softly, rubbing at my skin gently before reluctantly pulling away and removing his own clothes. Mikey's slim frame was pale and unmarked, with no tattoos or piercings adorning him. But when he pushed down his underwear I couldn't help but let out a gasp in surprise. Is cock was hard and his balls as low hanging as I'd expected. What surprised me though was the end of his dick. His skin was stretched out a few inches from the rest of the length and I'd never seen anything like it. As he noticed my eyeline he reached down and stroked his cock. I had a feeling he hadn't picked up on my confusion.

"Why is it like that?" I nodded to his length, deciding I better ask. Don't get me wrong, the sight was hot, but I still needed to ask.

"This?" He asked, running his hand over his shaft again. As I nodded he smiled and bought a finger to the end of the skin, pushing it inside lightly. I watched as it disappeared inside the skin, no doubt rubbing against his concealed cock head. "That's where your cock goes." I blinked, not quite sure how to react. Sure he'd taken his finger easily, but my cock was much thicker then that. Couldn't I just take him up the ass? "I can take it, honest!" He said quickly as he noted the uncertainty on my face. "Please, you're so gorgeous." His voice was soft as he pleaded with me, clearly desperate to get what he desired. How could I resist him? I bit my lower lip as he smiled, his free hand running over my large belly. "Please?"

"Alright." I nodded, squirming slightly at his gentle touch. It had been awhile since anyone had touched me like that, so I'd do anything to get him to touch me more. "What do I have to do?"

He looked at me in slight confusion, still stroking my skin. "You've never had sex before?"

"Not like that." He gave me an odd look, then moved his hand from his cock to mine. He wrapped his small fingers around me, squeezing my hardness lightly. He licked his lips, using his free hand to push me towards the bed. As I fell back onto the soft material he bent down, kissing my sweaty skin, his other hand retreating to his cock to spread himself open.

"You'll be the biggest guy I've ever had." He grinned at me, keeping the movements on my thick length slow. "In both terms of cock size and weight." I wasn't sure which he sounded more pleased for. He kisses each of my nipples in turn, then licked over the surrounding skin. His hand finally left our cocks and he looked up at me with his bright, wide eyes. "Let's switch places." I nodded and stood up as he pulled back, watching as he lay on the bed in exactly the same place as I had vacated his nostrils flaring slightly as he inhaled the sweat that had soaked into the sheets. I looked down at his cock as he spread his legs, noting with a groan that he had two fingers buried in his skin. I bit my lip as I groaned, then climbed back on the bed between his slim legs. He removed his fingers slowly, moving them to the base of his shaft to hold it steady. "Fuck me."

I smiled and nervously aimed my length for him, still worried that I wouldn't be able to fit. I pressed the tip of myself against the end of his skin, the first thought that entered my head being how weird this shit was. I took a deep breath and pushed in, feeling his other hand reach down to pull his skin over me. he groaned breathlessly below me, though I could faintly hear pain in amongst the sounds of pleasure. I was almost worried I was doing something wrong, but he just smiled and rolled his skin along my length. I watched in fascination as he managed to cover the first few inches of me with it. "Fuck." It was incredible and strange, yet so hot at the same time. He grunted softly below me and I slowly started rocking back and forth within him. It really was like nothing I'd any of the other openings I'd fucked before.

The hand that had held his dick upright released it and reached around me, pressing my body closer to him so our stomach's touched. "Are you sure this is your first time?" He moaned softly as I moved slightly, his fingers still moving his skin along me every so often. I wasn't aware I was doing anything particularly special, though he seemed to think so. I rubbed my belly against him as I kept up my steady movements, hearing him groan more. Moaning like a little whore. "You're even better then Gerard." I smiled to myself at that, running my palms over his sides. Better then a former lover huh? Without doing anything special too. I licked my lips with pride, speeding up slightly. He grinned, purring as my sweaty body pressed up against his. He moaned softly, my hands working over his body as his did mine. As I thrust myself down his foreskin I absently wondered if he'd been fucked in any other way. Perhaps he hadn't. Maybe I should teach him.

I could feel my tip hit his head, his sticky precum acting as lube for me. He felt so amazing. I squirmed slightly, moaning softly in pleasure. His fingers cupped my small man-tits, stroking the skin almost lovingly. "Gods Worm... fuck... ugh..." He writhed beneath me, eyes lidding in pleasure. More of his fluid coated my shaft, slicking up my movements. I moved my large hands to his nipples, tweaking them lightly. I wanted him to cum as I did, which I knew was close. I could feel the familiar tightening in my heavy balls, my thrusts becoming slightly harder. He came just before I did, his thick seed enveloping my shaft and sending me over the edge. We cried out each other's names, shooting at each other's cocks. I managed to gaze down, watching as our seed spilled out of our joined cocks, covering our skin.

I was sure the sight made me cum more.

I slipped out of him as we started to soften and rolled over to lay beside him. He gazed at me, panting softly, his glasses slightly steamed up. "That was..." He nodded, licking his lips, still stroking my body as we panted heavily. "You were... wow."

"I'm glad... I'd love to do that again with you. Actually..."" He grinned at me, then seemed to think for a moment before leaning in close to me, whispering softly in my ear. "How would you like a job?"

I raised an eyebrow slightly at his words.
Tags: bandana series, fic, mikey way, mikey way/worm, my chemical romance, slash, worm
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